I'm calling an audible today. I was supposed to be writing about a few additional core exercises, but I'll get to those in a couple of weeks.

Today, let's talk about misinformation.

Local weather forecaster James Brown recently posted a simple yet great question on Facebook: "What's the best way to lose weight?" There's nothing wrong with the question. Brown posts different questions daily, and they always spark communication.

The comments on this question, however, hit me in the gut and made me realize again the amount of oversimplified, misleading or false information that we can get with the click of a mouse.

Some of the answers were humorous.

"Get divorced lol"

". a real good plastic surgeon always works .. lol"

"Ditch all the negative people in your life. Then you will have lost a ton of weight! Dead weight!"

"Either lock yourself in a windowless room inaccessible to pizza delivery people, or shoot yourself into deep space. (Weightlessness and all that, ya know.)"

Then, there were a few that sounded as if they knew the secret:

". control your food INTAKE. It's simple once you breach the mental anguish of fasting for the first phase of the diet. One day a week for 6 months (water only), no fast food for the same period. Normal size meals to get your TASTE back. Normally most people have lost their taste because of the fast food they eat. You need to train yourself to cook right and eat right. It's AAA for eaters. ."

There were many more; as of this writing, Brown had well more than 60 comments on the thread.

The big problem is most people post things that have worked for them. And, sadly, too many will take a look at what worked for somebody else and try it.

Copying is fine when it comes to studying techniques and finding the best ways to grill salmon. But each body is different. Methods of stimulating each metabolism will be different, too.

Women, I'm talking to you now. How many of you understand your menstrual/hormonal cycle to the point that you know what to eat during your follicular phase and what to take in during your luteal phase? You're not eating the same things during both phases - if weight loss is your goal. You're not exercising the same either.

More than anything, this is a plea for you to do your own research. Look toward reputable websites (usually they're not trying to sell you something) when looking at weight-loss information. Schedule a visit with a nutritionist, dietician or a trainer.

It will be money well spent!


Bryant holds several national training certifications, is an author, lectures internationally and is the founder of C.L.A.Y. - the Coalition for Launching Active Youth. His fitness tips appear biweekly in Health and Wellness.