More than enough to recall him

There is no doubt whatsoever that John Morse, as Democrat's state senate majority leader, abused the legislative process to push personal legislation. Morse simply copied the wording of his gun bills straight from Michael Bloomberg?s gun control lobby website. Even Gov. Hickenlooper wants an Attorney General?s opinion before attempting to enforce the magazine ban. During the debate, Morse was regularly on the phone with Vice President Joe Biden to coordinate with President Barack Obama?s national gun control campaign.

The Democrats took the unprecedented step of halting public testimony after only a few opponents spoke. The reason: public opposition to Morse?s proposals was overwhelming and embarrassing. Polls showed that the more the public learned of Morse?s bills, the more they opposed them.

One of Morse's most extreme bills would have made someone who owned a semiautomatic firearm legally responsible for whatever was done by anyone else using the gun - for example, if it was stolen, or sold legally but a criminal "down the line" used it to commit a crime. Such a law would be completely contrary to American jurisprudence which holds a person liable solely for their own actions.

The new laws are questionable constitutionally and unenforceable. KDVR television is crowing that they illegally purchased at least one semiautomatic carbine in a parking lot without a background check.

Morse ignored mass public opposition, the opinions of the great majority of Colorado law enforcement, as well as criminological fact to pursue the gun control lobby agenda. In fact, he listened to New York City and Washington, D.C., gun control lobbyists rather than his own citizens. That?s more than enough to recall him.

Eldon Dickens, Colorado Springs


Fear-mongering, lies are distractions

John Morse's minions are spending money on advertising innuendos and calling the recall Morse petition gatherers criminals and identity thieves, but these are only fear-mongering lies. While there are paid petitioners gathering signatures, they are not criminals. And well over a hundred volunteers are also gathering signatures. Many of these people have a CHL, work as teachers, ex-cops or military, or work on military bases all of which require background checks.

And what "private" information can be stolen when everything on the petition is public information. Name, address, city, county, and date are all public data and the petitioners are asking registered voters to sign the petition to recall Morse.

Fear-mongering and lies are distractions because the Democrat machine does not want voters to remember that Morse won't read their emails, changes senate rules disenfranchising citizens, promises to focus on the economy and instead pushes tuition assistance for illegal aliens, $1 billion tax increases, rural energy increases, and gun control that causes the loss of hundreds of Colorado jobs and millions in lost revenue. No wonder they want to change the subject.

Rob Harris, Colorado Springs


Worried that it might happen

You know it seems kind of strange that one elected official said he couldn't be recalled for Colorado State Senate District 11. But now John Morse is showing his true colors because he is getting worried that it might actually happen. With that being said he has hired Ed Hall to beat us down. Probably just like his robocalls are calling the signature gatherers felons, and or sex offenders. Morse?s lackey he has hired has further insulted the City of Colorado Springs by stating that "Ed is a native of Colorado, born and raised in Colorado Springs well before it became a right-wing, religious whack-job stronghold (DemParty)."

Craig Ver Helst, Colorado Springs


Let us keep that $250,000

The author of the letter ("It's a small price to pay") claims that $250,000 is a small price to pay "to send a message to our politicians."

Gee, I thought that's why we have and pay for regularly scheduled elections like the one next year at the end of Senator John Morse's term-limit. Does this mean that the next time a Republican is elected to this senate seat the Democrats will ask us to use additional taxpayer money to send him or her a message too?

With another wildfire season just around the corner for our city and county, please send your message next year during the regular election and let us keep that $250,000.

Karina Swenson, Colorado Springs


This recall is totally unfounded

I would like to comment on the current recall petition regarding our State Senator, John Morse. I am outraged that a small extremist interest group is behind this recall effort. This group does not represent the wishes of Senate District 11. Who is funding this recall? The way that the Basic Freedom Defense Fund is organized, there is no transparency regarding financial contributors. This recall is totally unfounded. Senator Morse has broken no laws. He votes to protect the civil rights of all his constituents, he supports our troops and veterans, supports our police and fire departments, and supports incentives for employers in Colorado to create jobs. He also voted to legislate responsible gun ownership. Senator Morse is the one who represents the wishes of Senate District 11. Allowing an extremist group to influence our democracy is an embarrassment for us all!

Ellen Levy, Colorado Springs