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  • Mussolini air raid shelter opens to tourists

    Updated: Sat, Oct 25, 2014

    ROME (AP) — A Roman villa's wine cellar, which was converted into an air raid shelter for Benito Mussolini and the Italian dictator's family, is opening its anti-gas, double steel doors to tourists. The shelter was quickly constructed in 1940, after the outbreak of World War II, in...

  • Blackfeet urge government to cancel energy leases

    Updated: Sat, Oct 25, 2014

    HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Blackfoot tribal leaders from Canada and Montana are calling on the U.S. government to cancel oil and gas leases on sacred land near Glacier National Park, as a lawsuit works its way through the federal courts. Representatives from the three tribes in Canada and...

  • Sonar mapping shines new light on USS Utah

    Updated: 7 hr ago

    HONOLULU (AP) — Above the water, the effects of 73 years on the partially sunken warship USS Utah are evident at its resting place just off Ford Island. The target and training ship took two torpedoes on Dec. 7, 1941, capsized and was only partially righted using cables that are still...

  • Public invited to Rocky Point for 'open house'

    Updated: 8 hr ago

    WARWICK, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Islanders will get their first look in nearly two decades at the former Rocky Point amusement park, soon to be open as a state park. A public open house is being held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine. The Department of Environmental Management...

  • Lava creeps toward road on Hawaii's Big Island

    Updated: 15 hr ago

    HONOLULU (AP) — A growing lava stream threatening homes and inching closer to a rural road on Hawaii's Big Island oozed forward in fits and starts this week, frustrating some residents but giving officials a window of time to prepare. The narrow, leading edge of the lava flow is now...

  • Ebola cases in New York and Mali fan travel fears

    Updated: 18 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Ebola virus's arrival in New York City and yet another West African nation — Mali — renewed questions Friday about whether stricter travel restrictions would help lock down the deadly disease. The governors of New York and New Jersey went ahead and issued their...

  • Public donations pay for Argentine national park

    Updated: 19 hr ago

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentines have a new national park that is home to endangered species like jaguars and crowned solitary eagles, thanks to donations from the public to cover the initial cost. Congress this week passed legislation creating the Impenetrable National Park...

  • Medieval artifacts displayed in Ky. heading home

    Updated: 22 hr ago

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — At a Kentucky museum, the reign is ending soon for an exhibition of medieval artifacts from England that's so prized that it took an act of Parliament to create the trans-Atlantic partnership that brought the collection to the United States. The Frazier History...

  • NYC museum plans Basquiat exhibition

    Updated: 23 hr ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Brooklyn Museum plans an exhibition on graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (zhahn mee-SHEHL' BAH'-skee-aht) that includes eight rarely seen notebooks filled with his handwritten texts and sketches. "Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks" will run at the Brooklyn Museum...

  • Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas

    Updated: 23 hr ago

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A frigate carrying French colonists to the New World that sank in a storm off the Texas coast more than 300 years ago is being reassembled into a display that archeologists hope will let people walk over the hull and feel like they are on the ship's deck. The 1686...