Harley’s Hope Foundation keeps families together with emergency pet funds

By: Cynthia Bullock, Harley’s Hope Foundation

Jayna, an indoor cat, snuck out of her home one evening and was immediately struck by a car. Her frantic pet parents rushed her to the emergency vet and found she needed more than $2,000 worth of emergency surgery, an...

The Independence Center hosts group fishing event for those with disabilities

By: Jessica TenBrink, The Independence Center

People who live without disabilities typical take grabbing a rod and reel and going fishing for granted. But for those with mobility-related disabilities, obvious barriers like difficulty navigating a foot path,...

Normalizing death through home funerals around Colorado Springs

By: Jennifer Mulson jen.mulson@gazette.com

It always seems to take us by surprise when a human body throws off its mortal coil.

And in the wake of death, families more often than not leave all the funeral arrangements to the professionals. Lauren...

Finish this scary story for The Gazette's Halloween contest

By: The Gazette

Gazette reporter Stephanie Earls has written the beginning to a spooky tale. How it ends is up to you. Creative writers in grades 1 through 8 are invited to finish the story, in 250 words or less, for the chance to...

Colorado Springs science carnival finds new ways to engage children

By: MATT STEINER matt.steiner@gazette.com

Even as the Cool Science Carnival began to wind down late Saturday afternoon, children remained in line at some of the more popular exhibits on the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus.


Rubik's Cube an old puzzle thrilling a new generation of Pikes Peak region kids

By: DEBBIE KELLEY debbie.kelley@gazette.com

Whether trying to solve the Rubik's Cube beats the fun out of playing video games is a tossup for some Ute Pass Elementary School students.

"They're about the same level," said sixth-grader Raven Davis at...

It's Pumpkin Time

By: Gazette Parents

Pumpkins and fall fun for the whole family near Colorado Springs

Enrollment gap between largest districts in Pikes Peak region continues to narrow

By: DEBBIE KELLEY debbie.kelley@gazette.com

In the land of public education, Thursday is the day schools in Colorado add up how many students are in their seats. State lawmakers use the data to determine school funding.

While it won't happen this...