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Dog Brains
In this undated photo provided by the MR Research Center some trained dogs involved in a study to investigate how dog brains process speech sit around a scanner in Budapest, Hungary. Scientists have found that dogs use the same brain areas as humans to process language. A study published in the journal Science showed that dogs process words with the left hemisphere and use the right hemisphere to process intonation. (Borbala Ferenczy/MR Research Center via AP)
Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette
HOLD FOR STORY BY LEANNE ITALIE-- Colin Campbell and his best friend George, a once neglected and homeless 140-pound Newfoundland Landseer dog, show their closeness during an interview, Monday May 2, 2016, in New York. Campbell is doing a nationwide promotional tour for his new book, "Free Days with George," that documents the love story between a man and his dog. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)
Exchange Adopted Together
ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS - In this Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016, photograph, Peggy and Frodo wander around their new home in Loveland, Colo. The pair, rescued from a Korean meat farm by the Larimer Humane Society, were inseparable and found a home together in Loveland. (Austin Humphreys/The Coloradoan via AP)
In this photo taken May 31, 2016, Frenchie crawls out of his wine barrel bed at the Frenchie Winery at Raymond Vineyards in St. Helena, Calif. The Frenchie Winery is a spot where guests can leave their dogs while they tour and do tastings at Raymond. Frenchie, a French Bulldog, is the often seen sidekick of proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset. For those who love their dogs and their wine, there are now a number of Napa Valley wineries where you don't have to choose between the two because canines are allowed in the tasting rooms. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)