Klee: Are Carolina Panthers ready for Super Bowl stage?

By: PAUL KLEE The gazette

SAN JOSE - The genesis of Carolina's dabbing, in a football sense, in a Panthers sense, traces back to a member of the team's practice squad. That figures, doesn't it? This rowdy, rambunctious crew will dance and...

Klee: Peyton Williams Manning vs. Cameron Jerell Newton

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - One is (probably) going; one is (definitely) arriving.

Peyton Williams Manning.

"Greatness," Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan said.

Cameron Jerell Newton.


Klee: Super Bowl 50 is Von Miller vs. Cam Newton

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

DENVER — The best player in Super Bowl 50 is African-American, constantly dancing, some people don’t like him, and no one is making a big deal out of it.

'Sup, Von.

“Howdy,” Miller says often.


Klee: Super Bowl week the next test for Denver Broncos

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

ENGLEWOOD - There are boats in the Bay. Big, beautiful boats. Some with sails, some with outboards, some with oars. First suggestion, Broncos: Treat the boats in the Bay like a stranger with candy. Holler for help...

Klee: Every Bronco gave all during improbable run to Super Bowl

By: Paul klee paul.klee@gazette.com/636-0140

DENVER — This is what you will read the most: Peyton Manning will be the oldest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl. Be forewarned, the age thing is still a thing.

If only America would identify with how...

Broncos-Patriots report card and Paul Klee's prediction

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

Here's a closer look at Sunday's AFC Championship Game matchup between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots - and a bold prediction:

Broncos Report Card
Peyton Manning is 2-1...

Klee: Broncos enter AFC Championship game by John Elway's design

By: Paul Klee paul.klee@gazette.com

DENVER — The reason why the Broncos are destined for years of championship games is wearing a plaid shirt. John Elway sits at the head of the table.

"I think what we're doing right now is staying in the...

Klee: This is Peyton Manning as the world has never seen him

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

ENGLEWOOD - His hands, stuffed into the pockets of a hoodie. Indoors, Peyton Manning lifted his visor to get a clearer view. It's a view he's seen, oh, I don't know, 100 times before: Dozens of media members packed...