Klee blog: Gary Barnett would've been a Hall of Famer at CU, Buffs legend says

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

How did Colorado football tumble into a dark sea of irrelevancy? Legendary quarterback Darian Hagan shared his thoughts here.

Something else stuck with me from that conversation with Hagan, who...

Klee blog: Who's on Colorado sports' presidential ticket?

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

You know Peyton Manning someday is running for president. Again the quarterback's aw-shucks diplomacy was on display when he downplayed Tom Brady's email snafu.

Brady-Manning in 2028? If Mr. Nutz...

Klee blog: Denver Broncos defense making the offensive line better?

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

J.J. Watt will be next. You've heard of him. Plays football, has a show on HBO, bleeds everywhere.

He's next. The Broncos offensive line must deal with Watt on Saturday in Houston, at least for a series or...

Klee's 3 things to take away from Broncos' preseason win in Seattle

By: PAUL KLEE paul.klee@gazette.com

Denver's strength: Defense

I've been saying it until it sounds like a CD stuck on repeat: The storyline with these Broncos isn't with Peyton Manning and the adjustments he makes with new coach Gary Kubiak....

Klee blog: Denver Broncos no longer Super Bowl favorites (maybe that's a good thing)

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

Well, this is a departure from the norm.

After the Broncos lost to the Ravens on a frigid night at Mile High, they still opened the next season as Super Bowl favorites. After the Broncos lost to the Seahawks...

Klee: Emmanuel Sanders' pride can help drive Denver Broncos

By: PAUL KLEE paul.klee@gazette.com

ENGLEWOOD — He's not even the most famous Emmanuel in Colorado. He's been asked more questions during this training camp about the Broncos' No. 3 wide receiver, Cody Latimer, than himself, the No. 2 wide...

Klee: Seven years later: He chose football over a finger

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

DENVER — Traci Wikre was getting off work when she learned her future husband was going to cut off a finger. She abruptly closed her shift as a bank teller and raced to the local hospital, a block away from their...

Klee: Buffs legend Darian Hagan: CU football is coming back

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

BOULDER - This was asking John Elway how the Raiders are going to do this year, approaching Peter Forsberg to see if the Red Wings have what it takes to raise the Stanley Cup.

Darian Hagan was in a Southern...