Klee with 3 for Broncos-Bears: QB's best friend, on the radar and an old flame

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

A glance at Sunday's 11 a.m. Broncos at Bears game (CBS, 107.9 FM, 850 AM):   1) This is about the Denver defense   This Broncos-Bears game has more layers and storylines than the Star Wars film destined to...

Report card: Broncos vs. Bears and Klee prediction (will you agree?)

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

Here's a quick look ahead to Sunday's Broncos-Bears matchup in Chicago:

Broncos Report Card


Chicago’s QB is playing well. The NFC is weak enough he might even break a tie with Tim Tebow...

Klee: From Peyton Manning to Brock Osweiler, Broncos make a major move

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

ENGLEWOOD - Are you ready to Brock?

"We've got his back," Gary Kubiak said.

The tectonic plates of NFL history shifted, and the news landed with a ka-boom: Peyton Manning will sit; Brock Osweiler will...

Klee: Peyton Manning's decline hard on the eyes, and the heart

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

DENVER - The side of Peyton Manning you saw Sunday? Crummy. Old. Diminished.

A quarterback almost can't play worse than Manning in the first half of Denver's 29-13 loss to Kansas City: Almost as many...

Broncos-Chiefs by quarters

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

First quarter: Chiefs 10, Broncos 0

Good news or bad news first? It’s Sunday, so we’ll go good news: Peyton Manning eclipsed Brett Favre as the NFL’s all-time leading passer with a 4-yard toss to Ronnie...

Peyton Manning passes Brett Favre for NFL passing record, but little else goes right

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

DENVER — Chalk up another one for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Even if it took longer than expected.

Manning eclipsed Brett Favre as the NFL’s alltime passing leader with a four-yard...

3 with Klee before Broncos-Chiefs: Get it together, Missouri

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

Going beyond the Broncos-Chiefs Sunday game (2:25 p.m., CBS, 107.9 FM, 850 AM), with Gazette columnist Paul Klee:

Get it together, Missouri

If Colorado ever behaves like Missouri, I would be ashamed...

Klee: Broncos should consider sitting Peyton Manning against Chiefs

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

DENVER - The Colts broke the Broncos' winning streak, but the Broncos broke the Colts' quarterback. Which is more important for the second half of a long season: One win or a healthy QB?

There's a lesson in...