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GUEST COLUMN: Coloradans are working for a better life

By: Jason Wardrip

This Labor Day, as we head out to the barbecues, parades and other festivities that help us mark the end of summer, I want to take a moment to recognize the incredible achievements of working people all across...

Scrapping poll right decision

By: Steve House

Much has been made of the Colorado Republican Committee's recent decision to scrap the presidential preference poll at next year's caucuses. Some contend that doing so will marginalize Colorado Republicans in the...

EDITORIAL: City must solve loitering problem

By: The Gazette editorial

The City Council's proposed "sit lie" ordinance, like similar proposals before it, has become a heated discussion of civil rights. The American Civil Liberties Union is locked and loaded with threats of litigation...

LETTERS: Clearing the air on Drake; industrial arts programs

By: Letters

Clearing the air on Drake

While the Drake Power Plant has been in operation for 90 years, the three generating units providing power to our community were established in 1962 for unit 5, 1968 for unit 6 and...