LETTERS: Intersection needs caution light; questioning proposed student housing

By: Letters

Intersection needs caution light

On Sunday, Sept. 6, an elderly woman was hit by a car and killed while crossing E. Boulder Street, on Middle Shooks Run Trail. This is a pedestrian trail that crosses a very...

EDITORIAL: Bennet risks all with Iran deal

By: The Gazette editorial

Sen. Michael Bennet was relatively safe in his quest for a second elective term. That may no longer be true.

The Colorado Democrat's support for President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran - opposed...

Colorado's recreational pot: social experiment or strategic plan?op/edop/ed

By: Michael J. Long

At Arrow Electronics, we work and think five years out. We focus our attention on the near future, where we can turn possibility into practicality. This approach helps to explain why Arrow is the largest company in...

Congress should reject bad nuke deal with Iran

By: Cory Gardner

Last week, the U.S. Senate reconvened to enter one of the most consequential foreign policy debates of our time: the president's Iran deal. Here's why it is imperative that Congress block the president's dangerous...

LETTERS: Stormwater issue; nation at a crosswords

By: Letters

Another look at stormwater issue

I just caught Mayor John Suthers' speech and thought it might be time to take another look at the stormwater issue. The first iteration, as I remember, failed more because of...

Numbers don't show a problem with police

By: The Gazette editorial

Part of the genesis of the Black Lives Matter movement was the idea that America's police officers were killing blacks during arrests in disproportional numbers. After Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Mo., and...

EDITORIAL: Honor cops on Sept. 11, and beyond

By: The Gazette

On this day 14 years ago, few questioned the integrity of cops. Hundreds of law enforcement personnel selflessly ran to the rescue of others. Dozens entered blazing buildings destined to collapse. When it ended, 72...

GUEST COLUMN: Take a leadership position on Iran

By: Robert Blaha

We are now faced with one of the most difficult conundrums in the recent history of American foreign politics. We have placed our country and our great friend in the Middle East, Israel, in an untenable situation....