GUEST COLUMN: Methadone dispensary should have been reviewed

By: Former Monument mayors and trustees

As citizens who have been involved in the governance of the town of Monument in the past, we take exception with many of the statements made in the town manager's press release of July 23, and wish to address some...

EDITORIAL: Tiny homes coming to Springs

By: The Gazette editorial

A big new event in Colorado Springs will celebrate the simplicity of living small. Consumers and government planners should pay attention to the Tiny House Jamboree, which will run Aug. 7-9 at the 27-acre Western...

LETTERS: People, not pundits decide; no time for a political stunt

By: Letters

People decide, not pundits

I'm tired of political and media elites deciding, for me, who is worth my attention in the 2016 presidential race. Their favorite candidates, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker...

Many firsts belong to GOP

By: name newspaper

The Republican Party has allowed itself to be described by the Democrats as the party of the rich, white male, but it should not and does not have to be that way. The Republican Party has a rich and storied history...

EDITORIAL: Helping the homeless is more than a handout

By: The Gazette

What do you do when you see a homeless person sitting on a street corner, holding a cardboard sign asking for money? Do you give them a couple of dollars or refuse their request? For many of us, the question of...

GUEST COLUMN: How conservatives should frame Planned Parenthood discussion

By: Robert Blaha

It's difficult to write a meaningful expose on social issues; they are often filled with emotion and at best delicate to express in a way that motivates as opposed to stimulating anger.

However, social issues...

LETTERS: Statement about America

By: Letters

Statement about America

The whole country is in an uproar about the dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer, who shot and killed a beloved Zimbabwe African lion. The dentist is now paying a high price for his actions....

EDITORIAL: Green activists kill jobs

By: The Gazette editorial

Environmental activists may cost Colorado's economy hundreds of millions of dollars a year with a looming victory in the war on coal. They will cause hardship for more than 200 Colorado families, putting their...