EDITORIAL: Bill would end fetal organ sales

By: The Gazette editorial

Regardless of their positions on abortion rights, Americans have been horrified by a series of undercover videos that reveal Planned Parenthood's apparent practice of selling the organs of aborted babies. The same...

GUEST COLUMN: On abortion Colorado is the wild, wild west

By: Ashley E. McGuire

When it comes to abortion, Colorado is still very much the wild, wild West.

As videos recently released by the Center for Medical Progress make clear, the higher ups in the all-powerful Planned Parenthood of...

EDITORIAL: EPA spills toxic sludge

By: The Gazette editorial

A giant, million-gallon plume of orange toxic sludge is moving down a creek that flows into the Animas River. The sludge is on its way to New Mexico. It was released by workers operating heavy equipment Wednesday...

LETTERS: Need to lighten up a little; Christians have much to fear

By: Letters

Need to lighten up a little

From an old woman who has been working to elect Republicans since 1955: Just in case the Republicans can't get it together before next year, how about an editorial pointing out one...

Despite second string tag, solid showing at early forum

By: The Gazette

Nobody likes to sit at the "kids' table" or wait on the bench as the varsity players shine. For the first time in the history of primary debates seven Republican candidates for president found themselves relegated...

EDITORIAL: Republicans showcase depth of field

By: The Gazette editorial

Those expecting the Donald Trump show in Thursday's primetime Republican debate were not disappointed. The audience booed the Republican front-runner in the opening act for standing as the lone candidate to concede...

LETTERS: Must be more to the story; where is the money?

By: Letters

Shouldn't be the end of this

I am surprised that there has not been more in The Gazette about Gary Walker's suit against Colorado Springs Utilities. I am still curious how an easement that was purchased for...

EDITORIAL: 'Cheese pizza' airline fares

By: The Gazette editorial

Cheese pizza and airline fares. These two items illustrate the flying public's astounding level of cognitive dissonance in terms of buying and selling.

Cheese pizza is a well-known asset of starving artists,...