LETTERS: We don't need Drake 5; cherry picking

By: Gazette Readers

Here are a sampling of recent letters from Gazette readers:

We don't need Drake 5

Having followed Colorado Springs Utilities' energy planning process closely, it's clear the fiscally prudent choice is...

EDITORIAL: King's dream is still possible

By: The Gazette editorial

Martin Luther King Day 2016 arrives amid a lot of anger and frustration in America. It's a situation that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have both tried to capitalize on in the political arena. We are at a...

LETTERS: No need to 'clarify' gun laws; points on behavior at crosswalks

By: Gazette readers

A sampling of recent letters from Gazette readers:

No need to 'clarify' gun laws

Well, Kathleen Parker certainly put her money where her mouth is again. How would you like to sit between her and E.J....

EDITORIAL: Good dialogue, not bad propaganda

By: The Gazette editorial

We need clean, safe, affordable power. Not propaganda sermons.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is hosting "All Stakeholder" meetings about President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan....

EDITORIAL: Debate didn't disappoint

By: The Gazette editorial

Just seven of the remaining 12 Republican candidates met Fox Business Network's more stringent polling qualifications for the prime-time debate Thursday night. They were Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben...

EDITORIAL: The new Frontier returns

By: The Gazette editorial

The long-fought battle to make the Colorado Springs Airport more competitive with Denver International Airport has been paying off, after tireless efforts by former Mayor Steve Bach and a commitment by Mayor John...

LETTERS: DMV working to provide solutions; guns confiscated

By: Gazette Readers

Here are a sampling of recent letters from Gazette readers:

DMV working to provide solutions

This is in response to John Fornof's letter published in The Gazette on Dec. 14.

Thank you for...

EDITORIAL: Hick keeps promise on the Springs

By: The Gazette editorial

Gov. John Hickenlooper delivered an enthusiastic and hope-filled State of the State address Thursday that included a major development for Colorado Springs: Development of the country's "foremost authority on...