GUEST COLUMN: Attorney General Coffman's best ally may be former AG Ken Salazar

By: Peter Blake

Former Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar is no fan of current AG Cynthia Coffman's participation in a multistate suit against President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan.

The suit is "out of step with the...

LETTERS: Resident did more than most; Common Core and special needs

By: Letters

Brave resident did more than most

With deep gratitude to our brave resident, Matt Abshire, for risking his life to keep police clued into the whereabouts of Noah Harpham onOct. 31. What this man did was an...

FAGIN: Budget deal compromise is disappointing

By: Barry Fagin

Is it compromise when two wolves and a sheep vote on what's for dinner? Is it consensus when your ex and his lawyer agree you have a problem?

Then what in the world is so great about last week's budget deal?...

EDITORIAL: Election shows progress and setbacks

By: The Gazette editorial

Tuesday's election marks progress for Colorado Springs and Colorado but an embrace of outdated policies for two of the state's largest school districts, where unions funded victories of establishment...

EDITORIAL: Media wage war on conservatives

By: The Gazette editorial

CNBC's hit squad at last week's Republican debate inadvertently exposed a mainstream media bias conservatives have complained about for decades. Evidence supporting their gripe grew even stronger Monday, when...

LETTERS: Evolution in our schools; fraught with bad decisions

By: Letters

Evolution in our schools

For 150 years, the theory of evolution has been a hot topic, subject to much debate and disagreement. While it is difficult for anyone to determine the past based upon the evidence...

GUEST COLUMN: Don't judge all journalists by the biased ones

By: Daniel Cole

The problem with American media is not their bias. The problem is the newfangled idea, a product of the late 19th century, that media objectivity could ever be the norm.

When George Washington was president,...

LETTERS: Springs' brand took a hit; arguments that are worn out

By: Letters

Springs' brand took a hit

This past Saturday was a very sad day for our town of Colorado Springs. We made the media headlines on a national basis for all the wrong reasons. My heart goes out to those poor...