GUEST OPINION: Colorado higher education a national leader in serving veterans

By: Joe Blake

The start of a new year also means the start of a new semester for students at higher education institutions throughout our state. For the thousands of Colorado veterans who are starting, or continuing a higher...

EDITORIAL: Don't dumb down the 9th grade

By: The Gazette editorial

For all the challenges facing American public education, Colorado commendably has made some significant strides toward reform. Our state has been a leader in expanding innovative educational options such as charter...

LETTERS: Just do the right thing; confederate flag tied to slavery

By: Gazette Readers

Here are a sampling of recent letters from Gazette readers:

Just do the right thing

I agree that dog owners should follow the leash law; for those dog owners who don't follow it, let me tell you this....

GUEST COLUMN: Should Colorado be taking in more Syrian refugees?

By: Kevin Lundberg

In November, Gov. John Hickenlooper announced that Colorado will be receiving Syrian refugees and doing so with open arms, as we have welcomed other refugees for decades. The governor's statement came within hours...

EDITORIAL: School choice helps parents help kids

By: The Gazette

Community leaders from the Pikes Peak region met Wednesday night to help parents find more meaningful ways to get involved in their children's schools. The event was a local kickoff to School Choice Week, Jan....

LETTERS: In defense of PERA system; lack of leadership

By: Gazette Readers

Here are a sampling of recent letters from Gazette readers:

In defense of PERA system

The Gazette Editorial Board made this statement, "The state's Public Employees' Retirement Association, or PERA,...

Ramsey: Bill Belichick, troubled American Genius, stands between Broncos and Super Bowl

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazettename the gazette

When Fisher DeBerry and his Air Force Falcons arrived in Annapolis, Md., every other season, he knew he would meet a gregarious, smiling Navy assistant coach named Steve.

Steve was known for his devotion to...

EDITORIAL: The big costs of habits and addictions

By: The Gazette editorial

Before indulging a vice that is likely to become a lifelong habit, young people should analyze the costs. Don't focus on the price of a six pack of beer, a pack of cigarettes or a bag of pot-laced cinnamon bears....