GUEST COLUMN: Congress must keep its spending promise to Colorado taxpayers

By: Marc Short and Andy Koenig Guest columnists

Will Congress keep its word?

Colorado's senators and representatives have to answer this question between now and Wednesday.

By the end of the month, they must pass a federal funding bill for the next...

A little old-fashioned cooperation on display

By: The Gazette

It was refreshing, even encouraging, to see the Colorado Springs City Council mediate and help resolve a dispute between adjoining property owners on the west side this week.

That's right: A council that,...

GUEST COLUMN: The double standard on smoking vs. marijuana

By: Ed Feulner

A lot of things can date an old movie or TV show: clothes, furniture, cars. And another thing: cigarettes. They're all over the place in many films, markers of an era when smoking was far more common.

It took...

GUEST COLUMN: Employee Rights Act pushes Democrats into a policy box canyon

By: Richard Berman

In old Western movies, the climax often took place in a "box canyon." Some gang was lured into a trap where the high stone walls left no good exit or place to hide. Rifles (with unlimited ammunition) and the...

EDITORIAL: Court should protect the freedom to frack

By: The Gazette editorial

The Colorado Supreme Court announced Monday it will weigh in on municipal hydraulic fracturing bans. Its ruling will affect the wallets of all Coloradans. An anti-fracking decision would jeopardize property rights,...

EDITORIAL: Noise pollution from trains; another insane use of taxes

By: Letters

Noise pollution from train horns

Please establish a quiet zone so the trains do not have to blow their horns in Colorado Springs. We live about 2 miles from the track, and we are awakened nightly by the...

LETTERS: Toy Run cancellation; a solution from city's history?

By: Letters

2015 Toy Run canceled

I want to thank the city of Colorado Springs. Grinch lives in the city government. Colorado Springs toy run organizers canceled after being denied police escort. This is what I woke up...

EDITORIAL: Gas & Grass, a sign of Big Tobacco 2.0

By: The Gazette editorial

Coloradans who buy liquor, wine or full-strength beer go to liquor stores. Patients buy prescription drugs at pharmacies. State regulations segment controlled and intoxicating substances like zoning isolates houses...