LETTERS: Dog parks are simply, dog parks; new ideas and options for Drake

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Dog parks are dog parks

After reading Emily Walker's letter, I am amazed at the confusion about the purpose of off-leash dog parks. These dog parks were created specifically for dogs and their owners. It is...

LETTERS: Sesame Street on HBO; someone pays the costs

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Another shoe has dropped

Back in the 1990s, I wrote a letter to The Gazette regarding Warren Epstein's (who worked for the newspaper at the time) agreement with so-called consumer activist Ralph Nader...

EDITORIAL: Vote 'no' on Iran deal

By: The Gazette editorial

During the August congressional recess, Americans should implore their representatives in Congress to vote "no" on President Barack Obama's frightening nuclear agreement with Iran. Congress will vote in the first...

EDITORIAL: Climate, politics and the economy

By: Jacek Popiel

The "climate change" - or "global warming" - debate has been enlivened by recent events.

On the one hand the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has entered the debate along the lines of Al Gore's...

LETTERS: The central failure here; informed and extremely creeped out

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The central failure here

Without question, the mine spill into the Animas River is a tragedy on every level. The governmental Environmental Protection Agency, in an attempt to investigate leaking toxins,...

LETTERS: What does it take to get death penalty?

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What does it take?

What does it take in the state of Colorado to give someone the death sentence? A man planned to murder as many people as possible at a soft target and chose a theater, knowing that all or...

EDITORIAL: Tanker marks more success at airport

By: The Gazette editorial

Congratulations to Mayor John Suthers, former Mayor Steve Bach, the City Council, El Paso County Commissioners, airport director Dan Gallagher and others for quickly setting the Colorado Springs Airport on a new...

LETTERS: Organization making a difference; this is not democracy

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Organization should be commended

I am a resident on the lower south side by Meadows Park. A week ago, a group of volunteers (mostly youths) under the direction of Jerry from Concrete Couch completed an art...