LETTERS: Migration into European countries; veterans should come first

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Migration into European countries

"Assimilation is not working." So said Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, a year or so ago. Nevertheless, she has apparently had a change of opinion and is now...

GUEST COLUMN: The connection of fracking to those who serve

By: Tom Binnings

Recently, I had dinner with an American veteran in China. It was Veterans Day back home, and we reflected on the great service and sacrifice our veterans provided our country during their military careers. They put...

LETTERS: Body cams not federally approved; misinformation on T-shirts

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Body cams not federally approved

Here we go again. The city of Colorado Springs, at the direction of the mayor and agreed to by the CSPD chief, prepares to invest a tremendous amount of capital expenditure...

GUEST COLUMN: Time to audit state's health insurance exchange

By: Michael Fields

This March, the Colorado Legislature nearly unanimously passed legislation to audit Connect for Heath Colorado - our health insurance exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act. The legislation was swiftly...

LETTERS: A more intelligent approach; can't help but wonder

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A more intelligent approach

The closing of coal-fired power plants, the reduction in coal production and the closing of coal mines are commonplace news stories. Often, these stories also include reports on...

GUEST COLUMN: Hickenlooper trying to obstruct AG Coffman's lawsuit

By: Bill Cadman

Gov. John Hickenlooper is asking the state Supreme Court to block the ability of state Attorney General Cynthia Coffman to enter lawsuits without the governor's permission. If the governor succeeds in his plan, he...

EDITORIAL: Single-payer system another bad idea for Colorado

Alarms sounded even before the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010. Some conservative activists were warning that ACA was a Trojan horse for single-payer health care, where government receives and,...

LETTERS: Irresponsible dog owners at fault; dramatic change needed

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Irresponsible dog owners at fault

Well, it seems some people just can't let other people, or the goats, do their job. Lani Malmberg and her goats were forced to leave much earlier than was planned because of...