EDITORIAL: President should honor Alaska's other wish

In 1901, six months into his second term, President William McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist terrorist. Sixteen years later, Congress officially named the tallest mountain in the United States in his honor...

GUEST COLUMN: The New Jim Crow revisited

By: John Walters and David W. MurrayJohn Walters and David W. MurrayJohn Walters and David W. MurrayJohn Walters and David W. Murray

After John Walters wrote a Weekly Standard article on President Obama's commutations of incarcerated drug offenders, he was asked to take a look at Michelle Alexander's dreadful but influential book The New Jim...

A realistic approach to Iran

By: name newspaper

Foreign policy debates rarely get away from being reflections of domestic political conflicts, but they are also usually based on unstated assumptions and unacknowledged theories.

That's true of the struggle...

LETTERS: Anti-gun publicity; not part of the working world

By: Letters

Resurgence of anti-gun publicity

There seems to be an increase in anti-gun publicity in the media and other news outlets. Some episodes have occurred in isolated places where we would never hear of ... like a...

EDITORIAL: Law enforcement is a dangerous challenge

By: The Gazette

Friday night, a Harris County, Texas, deputy sheriff was shot, execution-style, while refueling his patrol car. The only motive appears to be the badge he was wearing. It was a senseless, tragic death. Deputy...

GUEST COLUMN: Climate change is a national security issue

By: Joe Barrera

Climate change imperils what is most significant to us in Colorado Springs: national security. With the large military presence in Colorado Springs, I'm surprised this hasn't been at the forefront of our local...

LETTERS: Alternative health plan; led down the wrong path again

By: Letters

An alternative health care plan

With the candidates vying for votes by proposing shutdown of Obamacare and complaints about the Veterans Administration's foul-ups, I have wondered why no one has proposed just...

LETTERS: Wondering about city leadership; opinions on several issues

By: Letters

Wondering about leadership

I appreciate our elected officials. The work they do is arduous and thankless. However, I'm left wondering about leadership when I read that our City Council is considering an...