LETTERS: Same old tried and failed litany; we didn't buy it

By: Letters

Same old tried and failed litany

"Does anybody catch the irony? Our president trots out the same old tried and failed litany of responses to the tragic shooting in Oregon last week that took the lives of...

EDITORIAL: Christians killed for their faith

By: The Gazette editorial

Evil may issue a challenge one day. We may be asked to renounce our faith, whether it is based in Islam, Judaism, Christianity or any other religion. Only at that moment would each of us know, for sure, whether we...

Deal with UCHealth a win for Memorial

By: George Hayes

Memorial Hospital is a place I hold dear to my heart. My parents were both patients here - and I am among the untold people who associate the hospital with the most personal of moments.

Health care is, after...

Lifting ban on crude oil exports boosts security

By: Dan Nordberg

Protection. It's a powerful motivator.

It's why we fund defense and intelligence to keep us safe from those in the world who don't share our values and wish us harm. It's why we lock our doors at night to...

EDITORIAL: Media pretend Glenn does not exist

By: The Gazette editorial

Never mind Darryl Glenn, the military and political veteran who has never lost a campaign. He's a black conservative.

Media drones repeat a narrative that says no "credible" Republican has entered the race...

LETTERS: Good, the bad, the ugly; evidence is in the videos

By: Letters

The good, the bad, the ugly

If I were elected POTUS, though I would prefer the Quran, I could sincerely swear on the Christian Bible, since it is an article of faith for Muslims that the original Torah and...

LETTERS: Solution to marriage morass; consequences of this idiotic plan

By: Letters

Solution to the marriage morass

In response to the editorial opinion by Scott Weiser in The Gazette OP/ED page on Sept. 30, I concur, but wish to be more realistic and know that whatever leverage or power the...

EDITORIAL: Animal rights group deceives the public

The Humane Society of the United States sounds like an outfit in the business of rescuing pets from abuse, neglect and abandonment. It raises money with national ads featuring distressed dogs and cats. Polling...