M. Night Shyamalan rediscovers his mojo with 'The Visit,' effective horror-comedy

By: Mike Scott The Times-Picayune

As careers go, writer-director M. Night Shyamalan's is becoming one filled with plot twists worthy of, well, an M. Night Shyamalan movie. After introducing himself to Hollywood in 1999 with "The Sixth Sense" - a...

'90 Minutes in Heaven' misses the big picture

By: Katie Walsh Tribune News Service

Starring Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth; directed by Michael Polish; 123 minutes; PG-13 for intense accident and injury images.

Not all stories are created equal. Amazing true stories can be...

Fall Movie Preview: The 9 top upcoming movies

By: Jake Coyle The Associated Press

NEW YORK - Though the fall movie season is traditionally the time of year when Hollywood gets serious, this fall is stuffed with spectacles.

Alongside the seasonal biopics, true-life tales and period dramas...