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  • Gazette, KKTV mayoral runoff debate televised live on Monday

    The Gazette -
    Updated: 5 hr ago

    As ballots go out to Colorado Springs voters, the first debate for the mayoral runoff election will be televised live Monday evening. The Gazette and KKTV will host the half-hour debate between Mary Lou Makepeace and John Suthers. It will be televised live on KKTV beginning at 6:29...

  • With legalization, lawyers turn to business of pot

    The Associated Press
    Updated: 6 hr ago

    SAN FRANCISCO — Lawyers and pot dealers have long intersected in criminal court, but as marijuana goes mainstream, attorneys have been working to keep sellers and growers legit. Marijuana divisions are popping up at law firms to advise pot shops on where they can locate, what their...

  • Colorado Springs man mourns loss of his wife, son: 'It feels like you're in a movie - not a good movie'

    Updated: 7 hr ago

    Ksenia Quiros' heart broke when her oldest son died, said Jose Quiros, the father and husband whose heart now is doubly broken. Tuesday, Quiros recounted how his wife disappeared a week ago Wednesday and of the grief that tore his family apart after their son, Air Force Academy cadet...

  • List: The 10 most beautiful towns in Colorado
    Updated: 8 hr ago

    There is no doubt that Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. A varied landscape from majestic mountains to lovely plains as well as a rich history that will bring out the inner photographer in anyone. From popular skiing destinations to former mining towns to...

  • As theater shooting trial opens, gun debate dwindles

    NICHOLAS RICCARDI, Associated Press
    Updated: 10 hr ago

    DENVER (AP) — When a gunman opened fire inside a packed movie theater in July 2012, killing 12 and injuring 70, it did more than spread fear and heartbreak across the Denver suburbs. It helped revive the national debate over gun control. That argument gained intensity in the state...

  • Governor praises cooperation as he signs off on Colorado budget

    Updated: 16 hr ago

    Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday signed the state's $25 billion budget that increases funding for K-12 education and higher education and invests millions for the first time in eight years in transportation needs. "In a lot of states the partisanship is so divisive, and here there...

  • Wagon Man gets between father, son in hammer attack at Colorado Springs motel, wife says

    By chhun sun -
    Updated: 16 hr ago

    Phillip Cargile, aka Wagon Man, had just wrapped up another day of pulling his wagon train down Colorado Springs streets with a sign reading "Be Positive" around his neck. He's been doing this since 2013, and his wife, who handed him a cold glass of Coca-Cola, wanted to know about his...

  • Colorado House, Senate divided over ninth-grade math, reading tests

    Updated: 16 hr ago

    DENVER - The assessment debate is likely to come down to the much-debated ninth-grade math and reading tests. The House passed its version of the state's testing reduction effort Friday on second reading with broad bipartisan support, and it included mandatory reading and math exams...

  • Sculpture to honor Air Force Academy POWs in Vietnam captures 'spirit of defiance'

    By Tom Roeder -
    Updated: 16 hr ago

    There's a hidden message in the Air Force Academy's newest sculpture that alumni who became prisoners of war say is as profound as it is profane. The 1-ton bronze depicts life at the Hanoi Hilton, Vietnam's infamous prisoner of war camp. The prisoner shown in the work is bound at the...

  • Best and Brightest 2015: Teen aims to merge interests in science, art

    By Robin Intemann Special to The Gazette -
    Updated: 16 hr ago

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