The Gazette's 2015 Gift Guide: Home and Garden

By: Teresa J. Farney

Home and Garden


These are scented candles made in recycled glass bottles by H2L Glass, a company founded on the purpose of helping Colorado Springs communities. They...

The Gazette's 2015 Gift Guide: Home repair

By: Ken Moon Special to The Gazette

It's time to start thinking about a gift for those handy folks in your life. Boys and girls in the first grade or beyond, a college student, or a young couple starting out can all benefit from familiarity with...

5 misconceptions every homeowner has about hiring an interior designer

By: Hannah Blick,

Sponsored: Your home is your sanctuary – a place of retreat at the end of a long day. But what if your space isn’t making your life easier? Just as a therapist can help organize head space, an interior designer can...

The Country Life: Colorado Springs-area woman touts benefits of goat milk, meat

By: Bill radford

To breed or not to breed?

My wife and I have been considering having Chica, our new goat, bred; we figure it would be fun to have baby goats around and interesting to watch Chica as a mom.

The search...

Colorado Springs man passionate about carnivorous plants

By: Jennifer Mulson

Insects best beware of Jeremiah Harris' greenhouse.

There are no exotic orchids, daffodils or vegetables here. Nay, there's only a bevy of hungry carnivorous plants lying in wait for the careless fly or...

Faux furs add panache to fall's home decor

By: KIM COOK The Associated Press

Faux fur. For decades, the term conjured up images of obvious artificiality.

Its fakeness often became a style feature - "fun fur" had colors and patterns so exaggerated there was never any doubt that the fur...

Around the house: Tips on finishing a basement

By: Ken Moon Special to The Gazette

Dear Ken: We have a 900-square-foot basement that we want to finish. I have no idea how to hire someone. Please help! - Sarah

Answer: Make sure the companies you interview are not only qualified but...

Get out the rake; piles of leaves can house trouble

By: Stephanie Earls

For a few glorious days, they played a starring role on our hills and in our hearts, but then they faded and fell and no longer were the leaves we'd peeped but a graying and moldering organic carpet choking our...