Colorado Springs custom muralists bring the world to your walls


On the west side of Colorado Springs, patients can have their teeth cleaned while overlooking Niagara Falls or a cavity filled at the base of the Parthenon. At a brewery off Garden of the Gods Road, customers sip...

Around the house: Walk-in tubs present problems

By: Ken Moon Special to The Gazette

Dear Ken: I have an older friend, and she is thinking of getting one of those walk-in tubs. What do you think? - Mike

Answer: In theory, these units - with their swing-in, floor-level access door - are...

On modern walls, plaster can be a high-end blast from the past


If your home was built before 1950, odds are it's got something in common with the Great Pyramid of Giza and the palaces of Henry VIII.

For millennia, plaster was the go-to wall-covering for both interior and...