• Colorado Springs mayoral candidates tell all in debate

    BY BILLIE STANTON ANLEU billie.stantonanleu@gazette.com -
    Updated: 2 hr ago

    The essence of each city mayoral candidate was crystallized Wednesday night in a well-orchestrated debate conducted by El Pomar Foundation's Forum for Civic Advancement and KOAA TV-5 at The Broadmoor. Crisp questioning by Emmy-winning anchor Rob Quirk unveiled the six candidates'...

  • Colorado can compete for millions in federal grant money

    BY RYAN MAYE HANDY ryanmaye.handy@gazette.com -
    Updated: 3 hr ago

    Colorado is eligible to participate in a $1 billion federal competition designed to grant millions of dollars to cover unmet needs from natural disasters, Gov. John Hickenlooper's office announced Wednesday. The Natural Disaster Resilience Competition, funded by the U.S. Department of...

  • Funding fight a preview of what may come in Colorado statehouse

    BY MEGAN SCHRADER megan.schrader@gazette.com -
    Updated: 3 hr ago

    Democrats lost their battle to increase funding for background checks on gun sales, surrendering on a budget battle that threatened funding for other public safety projects. House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, D-Boulder, said her caucus was "being the adults in the room" by...

  • AP considering legal action over Clinton emails

    Benjamin Mullin, Poynter
    Updated: 10 hr ago

    The Associated Press is considering legal action against the State Department “for failing to turn over some emails covering Clinton’s tenure,” Jack Gillum and Ted Bridis wrote for The Associated Press Wednesday. The threat comes amid allegations that Clinton used a private email...

  • Cyberbullying bill clears hurdle in Colorado Senate

    The Associated Press
    Updated: 11 hr ago

    DENVER — A bill to crack down on cyberbullying appears headed to approval in the Colorado Senate. The bill would make cyberbullying a misdemeanor harassment charge punishable by as much as $750 in fines and up to six months in county jail. The bill has already passed the Democratic...

  • Amy Lathen touts record as county commissioner in bid to be Colorado Springs mayor

    By monica mendoza monica.mendoza@gazette.com -
    Updated: 16 hr ago

    Amy Lathen came out guns blazing with ideas about how she would transform the Colorado Springs mayor's office and local government. She would work to eliminate the business personal property tax; she would move the mayor's office into City Hall for better communication with the City...

  • Confusion leads to delay of Colorado House committee vote on powdered alcohol bill

    By MEGAN SCHRADER megan.schrader@gazette.com -
    Updated: 18 hr ago

    DENVER - Lawmakers' attempt to regulate a new powdered alcohol product that could bring "powderitas" to Colorado shelves if federal agencies approve it for retail sale stalled Wednesday after Democrats questioned whether the bill was necessary. Powdered alcohol is a new product for...

  • One Colorado Springs mayoral candidate raises more money than all other candidates combined

    By Wayne Heilman wayneh@gazette.com -
    Updated: 19 hr ago

    John Suthers continued to add to his fundraising lead in the mayor's race, while money from political action committees and developers made a big difference for four City Council candidates, according to the latest campaign finance reports. Suthers raised $37,880 from 81 donors...

  • El Paso County says it's not liable for damages sought in lawsuit by Sheriff's Office employees

    By Kassondra Cloos kassondra.cloos@gazette.com -
    Updated: 20 hr ago

    El Paso County says it sought to protect Sheriff's Office employees when allegations surfaced of hostile behavior by former Sheriff Terry Maketa and former Undersheriff Paula Presley and it should not have to pay damages sought by five employees who have filed a lawsuit. The federal...

  • Colorado Springs crews fill thousands of potholes, can't keep up with deteriorating roads

    By stephen hobbs stephen.hobbs@gazette.com -

    If you think you have been dodging more cracks and holes on Colorado Springs roadways so far in 2015, it's true. "We're on course to do a record number of potholes this year," said Corey Farkas, division manager for the city's streets division. City crews filled 6,281 potholes in...