Stormwater meeting could help ease tensions between Colorado Springs, Pueblo


Sediment in Fountain Creek has increased 278-fold since the Waldo Canyon fire, pushing stormwater levels far higher, Pueblo County commissioners learned Friday.

And while sediment grew from 90 to 25,075 tons...

US Marines who lowered embassy flag in 1961 back in Havana for historic day

By: The Associated Press

HAVANA — The Stars and Stripes rose Friday over the newly opened U.S. Embassy the first time in 54 years, making a symbolically charged victory lap for the Obama administration's new policy of engagement with...

Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers takes exception to group's no-tax claim


Americans for Prosperity says no sales tax increase is needed to fix Colorado Springs roads, but Mayor John Suthers says that contention is based on "an incredibly uninformed analysis."

AFP, a Republican...

Colorado Springs Airport will house largest firefighting aircraft in United States


The Colorado Springs Airport announced Wednesday that it will be home to the largest firefighting aircraft in the United States, a business deal that could bring jobs and prestige to the city.

The newly...

Colorado Springs official: No worry about other sinkholes

By: Kassondra Cloos

A sinkhole that has closed a Colorado Springs street is unstable, but a city official says there's no cause for concern over the safety of other city roadways.

Heavy rain caused Chestnut Street to collapse...

New rules proposed for Colorado marijuana edibles; medicinal labeling a sticking point


DENVER - Under new rules proposed to curb the accidental ingestion of marijuana edibles, pot-infused products would have to be marked - even when out of their packages - with the letters THC inside a red stop sign...

Colorado Springs City Council votes to put sales tax, TABOR measures on ballot


Either City Councilman Bill Murray or anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce will have to shell out $100 on Nov. 3, depending on whether Colorado Springs voters approve a sales-tax increase to fund roads fixes.


Colorado may ban 'candy' name on marijuana treats

By: The Associated Press

DENVER — Edible marijuana products in Colorado may soon come labeled with a red stop sign, according to a draft of new rules released Wednesday by state marijuana regulators.

The state may also ban the word...