Hundreds turn out for Ben Carson event in Colorado Springs


In high school Lauren Kunkle dressed up as Ben Carson - in surgical scrubs - for a book report about the renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, but she's been a fan ever since she read one of his books in elementary...

Colorado treasurer brings feistiness in opposition to PERA head's $1.8M compensation package


DENVER - State Treasurer Walker Stapleton brought some feistiness to via conference call what would otherwise have been a quick approval to award a contract extension worth up to $1.8 million to the head of...

Colorado Springs Utilities governance begins review process

By: stephen hobbs

A review of how Colorado Springs Utilities will be run began a months-long public process Wednesday night.

The two-phase study of CSU's governance structure and process is scheduled to conclude in June...

Northern Colorado city says no to 'sit-lie' ordinanance

By: Coloradoan

Fort Collins City Council members Tuesday shut down a contentious proposal to limit the time a person could sit or lie in public spaces, opting instead for a one-year pilot street outreach program to address...

Colorado Springs bans creation of hash oil in homes


The Colorado Springs City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday to ban the creation of marijuana concentrates into gases or liquids in residences. The measure was approved by an 8-0 vote, with...

Colorado won't investigate Planned Parenthood over videos

By: The Associated Press

DENVER — Colorado authorities will not investigate Planned Parenthood's Denver branch over allegations the organization illegally profited from the sale of fetal tissue used for medical research.


New poll shows more Coloradans opposed to legal marijuana


A poll sponsored by the Community Alliances for Drug Free Youth shows that slightly more than half of Coloradans are now opposed to marijuana legalization.

According to a release from SmithJohnson Research,...

Colorado Republicans cancel 2016 presidential poll at caucuses

By: The Associated Press

DENVER — Republicans in Colorado have decided to diminish the swing state's early role in their party's presidential nominating contest.

The state party's executive committee voted Friday to eliminate the...