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Food Healthy Plate Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad
This June 15, 2016 photo provided by Melissa d'Arabian shows a sweet potato and black bean salad in Coronado, Calif. Black beans are paired with American-grown sweet potatoes, a red-wine vinegar and red onion vinaigrette and a touch of smoky mayo-based dressing that is so common in the United States. (Melissa d'Arabian via AP)
In this May 23, 2016 photo, a fried chicken sandwich styled by Sarah Abrams is displayed at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. Created by Elizabeth Karmel as a public homage to the Chick-fil-A sandwiches she grew up eating, Karmel's "chickwich," is dipped three times before cooking, for an extra crispy crust. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
This May 23, 2016 photo shows creamy Buffalo potato salad in New York. Baking potatoes are higher in starch than boiling potatoes and fluffier in texture. Boiling potatoes, by contrast, hold their shape when cooked. (AP Photo/Sara Moulton)
Food gift guide. Beer flight. Carol Lawrence/The Gazette
A few examples of powdered peanut butter available. Photo by Teresa J. Farney
This June 2, 2016 photo shows banana bread with cardamom in London. In small amounts, cardamom has delicate floral and eucalyptus notes, which brings out the best in more traditional ingredients in banana bread and makes for a fragrant treat. (Meera Sodha via AP)
This June 15, 2016 photo provided by Melissa d'Arabian shows pineapple juice marinated salmon in Coronado, Calif. (Melissa d'Arabian via AP)
(Photo courtesy: Sweet Addict/Etsy)