• One dinner, two meals. It's the secret to easy lunch packing

    Updated: 8 hr ago

    This is the dinner you need for those nights when you're already dreading packing lunches the next day. The concept is simple. You make a bigger-than-you-need (but still fast and easy) dinner, then you stash the leftovers. In the morning, those leftovers get transformed into a...

  • Satisfy those afterschool munchies with something crunchy

    Updated: 9 hr ago

    We all just need to accept that no matter how much we'd like otherwise, kale "chips" just aren't going to satisfy that afterschool need for something crunchy and snacky. Seriously. Think back to when you were 10 and coming home loaded down with books and homework. "Mm! Thanks for the...

  • DIY cheese? Yup. Homemade paneer is an easy, fun project

    By SARA MOULTON The Associated Press -

    Saag paneer is a delicious and toothsome South Asian dish consisting of cubes of fresh cheese (that's the paneer) combined with greens (that's the saag) in a creamy sauce. The first time I made paneer was in the test kitchen at Gourmet magazine. I just about did a happy dance around...

  • Using a spiral cutter to put a healthy twist on french fries

    By MELISSA D'ARABIAN The Associated Press -
    Published: Tue, Jul 7, 2015

    I've been watching the "zoodle" craze from the sidelines. Admittedly, I've been tempted to join. Noodles made from healthy zucchini using a cool spiral cutter? Yes, please! But, truthfully, I've harbored fears the fad (and my interest) would fade quickly, leaving me with one more...

  • Getting to know the deliciously darker side of cardamom

    By AARTI SEQUEIRA The Associated Press -

    If delicate green cardamom pods are the queen of spices, black cardamom might be Maleficent. Like the Disney character, the spice is shrouded in a black shell, wrinkled and gnarled, intimidating at first glance and even at first sniff. Unlike green cardamom's sweet perfume of...

  • The next seasoning condiment on the horizon is gomasio


    It's impossible to say this without sounding stupid (or as though I'm practicing Klingon), but gomasio is going to be the next za'atar. Seriously. During the past few years, America's top chefs have been on a serious bender for far-flung seasoning blends. Which is why za'atar (which...

  • Don't twist that Oreo: Cookie gets skinny, 'sophisticated'

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK — Oreos are getting a skinny new look, and its maker says the new cookie is a "sophisticated" snack for grown-ups that isn't meant to be twisted or dunked. Mondelez International Inc. says it will add "Oreo Thins" to its permanent lineup in the U.S. starting next week. The...

  • Matcha green tea gives flavorful boost to banana "ice cream"


    Like many Americans, I was first exposed to the taste of matcha green tea without really any thought on my part: green tea ice cream was the only dessert offered at our local Japanese restaurant, and since it was included in the price of the meal (even the early bird special, which is...

  • Chew on this: Top burgers, BBQ, burritos, pizza and fish taco spots in the Colorado Springs area

    The Gazette
    Updated: Sun, Jul 5, 2015

    Who has the best burger in Colorado Springs? How about best barbecue or pizza? Gazette readers voted and so did we. Here are the results: - Best Barbecue Bird Dog BBQ Rudy's 'Country Store' and Bar-B-Q Front Range Barbeque   - Best Burger Five Guys...

  • Growing local in Colorado: coming soon to a pint near you

    Greeley Tribune -
    Updated: Sun, Jul 5, 2015

    GREELEY - Grow local. Buy local. Eat local. As the local trend also drives locally sourced brews, small hops and barley operations have been popping up all over northern Colorado with the hopes of satisfying the needs of the state's 200 craft breweries. One of the newer additions...

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