Old mine blamed for turning Colorado county creek orange

By: The Associated Press

ELDORA — Authorities in Boulder County say seepage from an old mine caused a creek to turn orange but say the minerals and metals were not toxic.

An investigation started Monday afternoon after a resident...

Researchers find heavy metals along river after mine spill

By: The Associated Press

DENVER — Researchers say they found scattered accumulations of heavy metals along a 60-mile stretch of riverbank in Colorado and New Mexico a month after the Gold King Mine wastewater spill and say that any...

New Mexico official: EPA kept water data secret after spill

By: The Associated Press

BILLINGS, Mont. — Federal officials refused to share water-quality data for weeks following a blowout of toxic wastewater from a Colorado mine that fouled rivers across the Southwest, New Mexico's top environmental...

EPA chief: Agency did not shirk responsibility in mine spill

By: The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The head of the Environmental Protection Agency dismissed complaints Wednesday by Republican lawmakers that her agency downplayed the seriousness of a toxic mine spill that fouled rivers in three...

Colorado companies look to help residents understand complicated water rights issues

By: RYAN MAYE HANDY ryanmaye.handy@gazette.com

There was a time when understanding water in Colorado was as simple as knowing who got to it first.

But that was a long time ago - nearly 150 years - and understanding water in Colorado has evolved into an...

2nd Colorado coal mine to get environmental re-do

By: The Associated Press

DENVER — Another northwestern Colorado coal mine is set to get a new environmental review after environmentalists challenged its permit.

A proposed deal between the Trapper mine, environmentalists and...

Colorado Springs student's project combines passions of ice skating, recycling

By: DEBBIE KELLEY debbie.kelley@gazette.com

Sabrina Cohen loves ice skating because along with athleticism, it requires math skills.

"It's very intellectual. There are a lot of shapes and curves and edges to figure out," she said.

Sabrina also...