Downtown stakeholders unhappy with expected power plan recommendation for Colorado Springs Utilities


The Colorado Springs Utilities staff and customer advisory group have chosen a new energy plan, Portfolio D, that won't close any coal-burning unit at the Martin Drake Power Plant until 2023.

They'll inform...

Killing No. 317: The story of a Boulder bear out of strikes

By: Alex Burness, The Denver Post

As soon as wildlife officers get the chance, they will kill her.

It could happen today, or tomorrow, or next week — that depends mostly on when she's exposed enough for a clear shot in daylight.


EPA hears widely different views on methane emission threat

By: The Associated Press

DENVER — Over-regulating methane emissions could discourage the use of environment-friendly natural gas, an energy industry representative told the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.

However, a...

EPA says it will build temporary treatment plant for mine

By: The Associated Press

SILVERTON — The Environmental Protection Agency says it will set up a temporary treatment plant for wastewater flowing from the Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado after 3 million gallons surged out of the mine...

Sage grouse plan aims for balance between industry, wildlife

By: The Associated Press

BILLINGS, Mont. — A cooperative effort to save a ground-dwelling bird has diverted it from possible extinction, federal officials declared Tuesday, as they sought to safeguard the habitat of a declining species...

Sen. Udall of New Mexico announces legislation in wake of Colorado mine spill

By: The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The federal government would be required to identify the most dangerous abandoned mines in the West and make plans to clean them up under legislation introduced Tuesday in response to the spill...

Old mine blamed for turning Colorado county creek orange

By: The Associated Press

ELDORA — Authorities in Boulder County say seepage from an old mine caused a creek to turn orange but say the minerals and metals were not toxic.

An investigation started Monday afternoon after a resident...

Colorado's high court to decide if cities can ban fracking

By: Dan Elliott, The Associated Press

DENVER — The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether cities can ban hydraulic fracturing, stepping into a high-stakes battle over whether local governments can impose tougher oil and gas rules than the...