Ramsey: Will Pro Cycling Challenge return to Colorado Springs? (Probably)

By: DAVID RAMSEY david.ramsey@gazette.com

The USA Pro Challenge will return to Colorado Springs.

Well, probably.

The cycling race, which begins Monday, is skipping Colorado's Second City for the second time in three years.

"We don't...

Ramsey blog: A final word on Tom Brady

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

In a column this week, I did not compare Tom Brady's actions in Deflategate to the Richard Nixon's actions in Watergate or Bill Clinton's actions in Monica-gate or Lance Armstrong's action in cycle-gate.


Ramsey blog: There are two villains in Deflategate: Goodell and Brady

I keep hearing from readers - mostly Patriots fans - who believe Roger Goodell is the lone villain in the Deflategate saga.

And, yes, Goodell has often been inept. He lost trust in his handling of the Ray...

Ramsey: Former DU hockey coach George Gwozdecky explains his move to Valor Christian

By: DAVID RAMSEY david.ramsey@gazette.com

George Gwozdecky has accepted the hockey coach job at Valor Christian. One of history's finest college hockey coaches will direct teens on the outskirts of Denver.

What's next? Will George W. Bush move to...

Ramsey blog: Can Air Force win 10 games again?

Can the 2015 Air Force football team match the win total of the 2014 Air Force football team?

I'm skeptical.

The offense is of 10-win quality.

The defense, at least on paper, is not.

Ramsey: Tom Brady, a true American, follows Clinton, Nixon, Bonds and Armstrong on road to ruin

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

"In the history of my career, I never thought about the inflation level of a ball." - Tom Brady, 2015.

Tom Brady walks the same path once chosen by Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and...

Former Broncos, Manitou Springs star Justin Armour says kids should play if they want and understand the risks

By: DAVID RAMSEY david.ramsey@gazette.com

Justin Armour declined to play football in the sixth and seventh grade. He was weary of the pummeling he endured.

He still remembers talking to his mother before a big game in the fifth grade. He told her he...

Ramsey: Arian Foster, football's atheist, inspires precious conversations about faith

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

Not believing is easier than believing.

This truth is why I'm not going to make a big fuss over Arian Foster, the Houston Texans running back who announced he doesn't believe in the existence of God.