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In this May 26, 2016 photo, Ella, a Labrador retriever living in Westchester, N.Y, stands behind by a bag of her freeze dried food called Grandma Lucy's Artisan. Freeze dried dog and cat foods are part of a growing trend toward premium pet products with limited ingredients. (Katherine Cook via AP)
The Good Stuff Pet Truck is making some of its first stops on a nationwide tour in Colorado Springs later this month.
In this Jan. 20, 2013 photo, a pug named Lilly stands by her birthday cake on her 14th birthday in Silver Spring, Md. The old saying is that a dog year is seven human years, but it's not that simple. Dogs of different sizes age at different rates, with small dogs living longer and entering their senior years later. (Linda Lombardi via AP)
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ADVANCE FOR USE SATURDAY, JULY 9 - In this photo taken June 17, 2016, co-founders of Hike Doggie, Stephen Hillen and Kath Allen, right, walk with Henry and LuLu during a hike at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colo. Dog owners in just about any city in America can hire someone to walk their dogs, but only in a few special places can you hire someone to hike your dog. (Autumn Parry/Daily Camera via AP)