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EDITORIAL: Christians killed for their faith

By: The Gazette editorial

Evil may issue a challenge one day. We may be asked to renounce our faith, whether it is based in Islam, Judaism, Christianity or any other religion. Only at that moment would each of us know, for sure, whether we...

EDITORIAL: Media pretend Glenn does not exist

By: The Gazette editorial

Never mind Darryl Glenn, the military and political veteran who has never lost a campaign. He's a black conservative.

Media drones repeat a narrative that says no "credible" Republican has entered the race...

EDITORIAL: Animal rights group deceives the public

The Humane Society of the United States sounds like an outfit in the business of rescuing pets from abuse, neglect and abandonment. It raises money with national ads featuring distressed dogs and cats. Polling...

EDITORIAL: CDOT wants modern digs, not better roads

By: The Gazette editorial

We can't have good roads and bridges, but we must have modern buildings for state workers paid to build and maintain our transportation assets. That's what the public is hearing as the Colorado Department of...

EDITORIAL: Congressional GOP refuses to win

By: The Gazette editorial

The resignation of House Speaker John Boehner provides a learning moment: The left has no greater asset than modern politicians on the right. Conservative purists, to the left's delight, snub incremental victories...

EDITORIAL: Pope says value life and prosper

By: The Gazette editorial

During a historic visit to the United States last week, Pope Francis spoke to millions around the world and asked them to visualize a more peaceful world. In a first-ever papal address to a joint session of...

EDITORIAL: Birds will survive, but not on jobs-killing list

By: The Gazette editorial

As the sun set Monday, the greater sage grouse remained a threat to jobs and economic growth throughout the western United States. Early Tuesday, it was just a flamboyant bird we all can admire. The birds probably...

A little old-fashioned cooperation on display

By: The Gazette

It was refreshing, even encouraging, to see the Colorado Springs City Council mediate and help resolve a dispute between adjoining property owners on the west side this week.

That's right: A council that,...