LETTERS: Making sitting down a crime; good people do exist

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Making sitting down a crime

It would seem that a sharp divide is prevalent amongst the folks of Colorado Springs. There are those who feel that a new proposal for a law criminalizing sitting on a planter is...

LETTERS: A recipe for continued failure; importance of immigration reform

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A recipe for continued failure

I know that courts need to follow to the letter of law, punishment, but the Erin Lanosga case leaves me heartbroken. This young woman made a tragic decision to drive while...

LETTERS: City's antiquated power system; thanking Springs' wonderful people

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Our antiquated power system

I attended the meeting of the Colorado Clean Air Commission meeting on Aug. 20. I was pleased to see that The Gazette gave coverage to this meeting on the front page of the paper....

LETTERS: Police work well done; some more important questions

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Police work appreciated

I am writing to commend Colorado Springs police officer M. Jelmo, badge 3072, for service he provided me in response to a barrage of harassing and threatening phone calls I was...

LETTERS: So much for justice; human beings not 'guilty'

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So much for justice

So much for justice being done in the case of Walter Palmer, DDS. He has not been charged for illegally killing Cecil the lion in Africa, and it's my guess that he'll only get a "slap on...

LETTERS: Olympics' negative impact; spiraling out of control

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Olympics' impact

This is a response to David Ramsey's article "Taxpayer in revolt," Tuesday, July 28.

Ramsey tries to scare us with "the disaster of hosting the Olympic Games in Boston." It's strange to...

LETTERS: Loose lips still sink ships; important prevention tool

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Loose lips still sink ships

The issue of Hillary Clinton's emails should not be a partisan issue; it is an issue that could affect every one of us. Her emails could have damaged our national...

LETTERS: Dog parks are simply, dog parks; new ideas and options for Drake

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Dog parks are dog parks

After reading Emily Walker's letter, I am amazed at the confusion about the purpose of off-leash dog parks. These dog parks were created specifically for dogs and their owners. It is...