LETTERS: More rules won't help; Clinton's bold comments on Benghazi

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More rules aren't going to help

First, let me say condolences to the people involved in the tragic shooting at the college in Oregon. It was senseless and solved nothing. But yet again, the powers that be are...

LETTERS: Oregon shooting; vote yes on trails

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Shooters leave a trail of clues

Once again a mass shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone, perpetuated by a coward against innocent victims. And just as surely as the sun rises, out come the calls for more...

LETTERS: Same old tried and failed litany; we didn't buy it

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Same old tried and failed litany

"Does anybody catch the irony? Our president trots out the same old tried and failed litany of responses to the tragic shooting in Oregon last week that took the lives of...

LETTERS: Good, the bad, the ugly; evidence is in the videos

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The good, the bad, the ugly

If I were elected POTUS, though I would prefer the Quran, I could sincerely swear on the Christian Bible, since it is an article of faith for Muslims that the original Torah and...

LETTERS: Solution to marriage morass; consequences of this idiotic plan

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Solution to the marriage morass

In response to the editorial opinion by Scott Weiser in The Gazette OP/ED page on Sept. 30, I concur, but wish to be more realistic and know that whatever leverage or power the...

LETTERS: Stop listening to the hand wringers; hate is not a family value

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Words of caution for good Samaritans

I was just driving northbound on Nevada preparing to turn eastbound on Fillmore when a good Samaritan citizen jumped out of his car to give money to the panhandler that...

LETTERS: Springs struggling to keep city nice; Ben Carson gave the right answer

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Struggling to keep city nice

As an annual visitor to Colorado Springs I have followed, with interest, for the past few weeks the struggles to keep the city nice. Since 1965, I have watched what was once the...

LETTERS: Toy drive effort continues; announcers forgot the baseball

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Toy drive effort continues

In regards to Police Chief Pete Carey's "City willing to work with event" letter in the Sunday, Sept. 27 Gazette, I wanted to let your readers know that the Pikes Peak Detachment of...