LETTERS: Need a long-term solution; celebrate public land

By: Gazette readers

What has the Springs done?

Response to "What has Pueblo done to help?"(Jan. 28):

The question should be "What has the Springs done?"

After decimating the water course of Fountain Creek with the...

LETTERS: Better than the mailman; ending the Electoral College

By: Gazette readers

Carrier better than the mailman

Kudos to The Gazette newspaper deliverers! I was very impressed this morning when I let my dog out to fetch the paper from the driveway (not expecting him to find one, but...

LETTERS: Dependence on Washington; history shows Socialism doesn't work

Depending on Washington too much

Just finished reading Ryan M. Handy's article in the Sunday Gazette regarding homes threatened and damaged by landslides. While I feel bad for the people whose houses this...

LETTERS: City's crews serve the city well; Colorado shoudn't join 'Death Coast'

By: Gazette Readers

City's crews serve the city well

My experience with city employees doing their jobs has been overwhelmingly favorable over several decades. It includes everything from a gas department employee who found a...

LETTERS: Need for utilities oversight board; ordinance's heart remains the same

By: Gazette Readers

Need for Utilities oversight board

I find it difficult to determine if the more than $175 million investment that Colorado Springs has made in the NeuStream SO2 abatement process for the Martin Drake Power...

LETTERS: That is all that matters; right to life controversy; Trump's like a high school bully

By: Letters

That is all that matters

As a professional economist, I rarely disagree with Thomas Sowell. However, his recent editorial (Jan. 25) disparaging Donald Trump misses the point. If we do not secure the border...

LETTERS: Alternative to teachers' unions; Trump would have made a difference

By: Letters

Alternative to teachers unions

This week we celebrate National School Choice Week, a national movement shining a spotlight on options in education. Rightly focused on choice for our students, teachers are...

LETTERS: Playoff game had everything; great dilemma for GOP

By: Letters

Playoff game had everything

Wow, Broncos fans! This one was beyond a nail-biter; it was nearly cardiac arrest. I said last week that to beat the Pats the defense would have to play lights out and the offense...