LETTERS: The central failure here; informed and extremely creeped out

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The central failure here

Without question, the mine spill into the Animas River is a tragedy on every level. The governmental Environmental Protection Agency, in an attempt to investigate leaking toxins,...

LETTERS: What does it take to get death penalty?

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What does it take?

What does it take in the state of Colorado to give someone the death sentence? A man planned to murder as many people as possible at a soft target and chose a theater, knowing that all or...

LETTERS: Organization making a difference; this is not democracy

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Organization should be commended

I am a resident on the lower south side by Meadows Park. A week ago, a group of volunteers (mostly youths) under the direction of Jerry from Concrete Couch completed an art...

LETTERS: Defending Tom Brady; homeowner's view on Manitou parking

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Defending Tom Brady

I usually enjoy David Ramsey's column in the sports section, but I feel he has gone too far expressing his opinion regarding Tom Brady and the deflategate fiasco. Roger Goodell has taken...

LETTERS: Colorado Springs airport's bad pizza; we have a new mayor

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Letters from gazette.com readers around Colorado Springs and beyond:

Springs airport's bad 'pizza'

I enjoy "cheese pizza," and occasionally if the situation warrants, I add a topping (bags) (Airlines...

LETTERS: Manitou isn't Disneyland; where is 'wherever'?

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Manitou isn't Disneyland

Over the last few days, there have been three letters to the editor about bad conditions in Manitou. One writer complained about beggars pestering him to share the food in his takeout...

LETTERS: Compassion for fellow man; a group of caring people

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Compassion for fellow humans

Re: Gazette's story on a winter shelter. I am shocked and dismayed at some of the residents of the Lowell neighborhood - have you no conscience, have you no sense of brotherly...

LETTERS: Need to lighten up a little; Christians have much to fear

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Need to lighten up a little

From an old woman who has been working to elect Republicans since 1955: Just in case the Republicans can't get it together before next year, how about an editorial pointing out one...