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LETTERS: Share the road and responsibility; tradition of religious responsibility

By: Letters

Support our city, police

I totally agree with the two recent letters by Daniel Bradley and Craig Kimball. We need to look at the total picture and support our police officers.

Regarding the proposed tax...

LETTERS: Complicated minimum wage math; disdain for Christo's "gift"

By: Letters

Complicated minimum wage math

Lately, there has been talk concerning the minimum wage. The question that comes to mind is: Will the increase in minimum wage reduce the number of hours worked by those...

LETTERS: Lathen's assertions troubling; police response typical

By: Letters

Lathen's assertions troubling

Amy Lathen's assertion that "there will no longer be freedom of religion" is nonsense. No Christian pastor will be forced to perform a gay marriage as Lathen asserts. She...

LETTERS: Making split-second decision; Colorado doesn't need a dress-up

By: Letters

Police officers have to make split-second decisions

With 30 years of law enforcement experience, including eight years conducting civil rights investigations, I can state the ACLU's case involving the...

LETTERS: Reopen the Santa Fe trail; inconsiderate drivers; Christo's gift to Colorado

By: Letters

Area's inconsiderate drivers

It's time for the annual Cyclists Have Rights sermon. Three times a week, I'm riding my bike in training for an Ironman. Every time I go out, without fail, I deal with the...

LETTERS: Beautiful historic trails; student access at UCCS

By: Letters

Beautiful historic trails

I read with interest the article about the history of trails up Bear Creek Canyon and into Jones Park. My great-great grandfather, Henry Knox Palmer, rode up that trail, past Lake...

LETTERS: Everyone's running red lights; gatekeepers a bad idea

By: Letters

Running red lights

I drive in a lot of areas in Colorado Springs, and many times a day I see people running red lights. I was just on Garden of the Gods and had plenty of time to stop without braking hard and...

LETTERS: Trump's remarks; airport's untapped potential

By: Letters

Trump's reprehensible remarks

Bravo to chef Jose Andres for canceling plans for a restaurant in Donald Trump's new Washington hotel.

Other companies are doing the same. I think they reflect what other...