LETTERS: Irresponsible dog owners at fault; dramatic change needed

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Irresponsible dog owners at fault

Well, it seems some people just can't let other people, or the goats, do their job. Lani Malmberg and her goats were forced to leave much earlier than was planned because of...

LETTERS: City that cares about service; protect our core values

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A city that cares about service

I don't often get to the annual parade in Colorado Springs in support of Veterans Day. However, my daughter was participating while riding with the Pikes Peak Rangerettes, who...

LETTERS: Effectively pickpocketing people; consider homeschooling

Effectively pickpocketing people

Recently Manitou Springs quietly raised the parking rate along Ruxton Avenue to a whopping, non-user friendly $5/hr, effectively pickpocketing people who come to enjoy one of...

LETTERS: Quiet words of a wise man; small claims court experience

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Quiet words of a wise man

Oh! So much political rhetoric! I am thinking it is going to be a long year till the presidential election next November. As I was considering this, the following reading was...

LETTERS: A loud and clear civics lesson; drastic rate hike

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A loud and clear civics lesson

Many interesting positions on the 16-year-old girl who was physically removed from her classroom recently. Even Thomas Sowell weighed in with an opinion on how charter and...

LETTERS: Resident did more than most; Common Core and special needs

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Brave resident did more than most

With deep gratitude to our brave resident, Matt Abshire, for risking his life to keep police clued into the whereabouts of Noah Harpham onOct. 31. What this man did was an...

LETTERS: Evolution in our schools; fraught with bad decisions

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Evolution in our schools

For 150 years, the theory of evolution has been a hot topic, subject to much debate and disagreement. While it is difficult for anyone to determine the past based upon the evidence...

LETTERS: Springs' brand took a hit; arguments that are worn out

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Springs' brand took a hit

This past Saturday was a very sad day for our town of Colorado Springs. We made the media headlines on a national basis for all the wrong reasons. My heart goes out to those poor...