LETTERS: Good, the bad, the ugly; evidence is in the videos

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The good, the bad, the ugly

If I were elected POTUS, though I would prefer the Quran, I could sincerely swear on the Christian Bible, since it is an article of faith for Muslims that the original Torah and...

LETTERS: Stop listening to the hand wringers; hate is not a family value

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Words of caution for good Samaritans

I was just driving northbound on Nevada preparing to turn eastbound on Fillmore when a good Samaritan citizen jumped out of his car to give money to the panhandler that...

LETTERS: Toy drive effort continues; announcers forgot the baseball

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Toy drive effort continues

In regards to Police Chief Pete Carey's "City willing to work with event" letter in the Sunday, Sept. 27 Gazette, I wanted to let your readers know that the Pikes Peak Detachment of...

LETTERS: Colorado Springs police chief responds to issue of canceled toy run

By: The Gazette

After reading several articles and a letter to The Gazette from a retired Colorado Springs Police Department sergeant regarding the cancellation of the local toy run, I felt compelled to provide some facts...

LETTERS: Body cameras a waste of money; GM bailout continuing

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Body cameras a waste of money

If the use or nonuse of body cameras by police departments weren't such a serious issue, it would be laughable . yes, laughable! Before anyone thinks that body cameras are going...

LETTERS: Change comes slowly; continued support for Humane Society

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Change comes slowly to city

Change comes slowly to Colorado Springs. In the early 1990s, it was my agonizing pleasure to serve on the North Slope Recreation Advisory Committee.

The north slope of...

LETTERS: Work toward a holistic response; remember the founding fathers

Work toward a holistic response

As pastors of seven of our city's historic downtown congregations, we are deeply committed to the well-being of our community. Our faith communities have come together to serve...

EDITORIAL: Noise pollution from trains; another insane use of taxes

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Noise pollution from train horns

Please establish a quiet zone so the trains do not have to blow their horns in Colorado Springs. We live about 2 miles from the track, and we are awakened nightly by the...