GUEST COLUMN: Clock is ticking on solving teachers' dissatisfaction

By: Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

It's the onset of fall and that means, as it does every year, that school is about to start. This is a process we take for granted.

Because we take it for granted, we underestimate its complexity. But the...

GUEST COLUMN: Religion's not a bad word

By: Ashley R. Smith

Florence High School students have gone back to school this week with a big taboo permeating the campus from the recent lawsuit by Jewish teacher Robert Basevitz. The school district's apparent coziness with the...

GUEST COLUMN: Colorado should not comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan

By: Erik Telford

On Aug. 3, President Barack Obama laid out the final version of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. In the wake of the EPA's role in the Animas River disaster, which so far has dumped 3 million...

FAGIN: Pikes Peak Ascent slacker reveals all

By: Barry Fagin

Last weekend saw the 60th running of the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon, a great community event that attracts people from all over the world.

On the pages of this newspaper, you read about the winner of the...

GUEST COLUMN: Five year plan to address infrastructure and city's budget

By: Keith King

The issue of increasing the taxes of our community is one I approach with trepidation. Over my years in government, I have consistently held that government must live within its means.

The potential lawsuit...

GUEST COLUMN: The curiousness of school calendar creep


Growing up on the South Shore of Long Island, I looked forward to school summer vacation more than my birthday and every holiday combined. It arrived each year like a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree. Summer...

EDITORIAL: Climate, politics and the economy

By: Jacek Popiel

The "climate change" - or "global warming" - debate has been enlivened by recent events.

On the one hand the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has entered the debate along the lines of Al Gore's...

FAGIN: Springs should end Comcast's exclusive deal

By: Barry Fagin

Who said cable companies deserve monopoly privileges in Colorado Springs? Oops, we did, 15 years ago. It's been a fun run for Comcast, and they've made a ton of money, but maybe it's time for us try something new....