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Small Housing
FOR RELEASE SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2016, AT 12:01 A.M. MDT. - From left: Paul Hildebrandt, Josh Maruska, and David Detro work on models of 1,100 square foot domed houses they are designing which they say will cost just $50,000 to build. (Lewis Geyer/The Daily Times Call via AP)
Image from a video by KMGH-TV.
Stephen Beyer holds a hail stone left in his yard Friday morning, July 29, 2016, after a storm hit his Old Farm neighborhood Thursday night destoring three skylights, their fence and siding. (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)
Donald J. Trump speaks at the Gallogly Events Center at University of Colorado Colorado Springs on Friday, July 29, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colo. (Stacie Scott/The Gazette via AP)
James Bronish.