Retro salad dressings worth bring back

By: Teresa J. Farney

Today we take a look at old-fashioned salad dressings. Think Louis, Caesar and green goddess, all with California roots and born around the early 1920s.

Let's start with the shrimp Louis salad. I love the...

Stock your freezer with fruit while you can - and make pops!

By: MELISSA D'ARABIAN The Associated Press

The autumn produce season catches me off-guard every year. As we glide from the hot days of August into the cooler months ahead, we never quite know when the magic moment arrives that we have seen our last bit of...

Dry furmints creating quite a buzz in the wine world

By: Rich Mauro Special to The Gazette

I am willing to bet a survey of American wine drinkers would reveal that the vast majority have no idea Hungary is home to a world-class wine region. That wine region is Tokaj (pronounced toe-keye).

I bet...

Cookbook teaches single guys to get dinner (and maybe dates)

By: J.M. HIRSCH The Associated Press

Single and looking?

If you're a guy who's willing to do some cooking, Avi Shemtov has you covered.

Admittedly, Shemtov's initial attempt to feed dudes on the prowl reads a bit too much like the strange...

A grilled take on fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade

By: ELIZABETH KARMEL The Associated Press

I love fried green tomatoes! My grandmother made them at the beginning of fall when there were so many tomatoes on the vine that no one minded picking the unripe ones and cooking them before they turned red and...

Cut summer pies down to size - single serving size, that is

By: SARA MOULTON The Associated Press

Big, family-sized pies tend to get all the summer dessert glory, but when it comes to picnics and backyard barbecues, I favor single-serving hand pies.

Sure, it's a little more work to make a batch of hand...

Colorado Springs gardeners and chefs mix it up with lettuce varieties

By: Teresa J. Farney

There was a time when iceberg lettuce was the standard base when making a salad. But home gardeners and chefs have hit the "refresh" button for salad greens.

We can thank Alice Waters for shaking up salad's...

Hawaii aims to reduce immigration lines at Honolulu airport

HONOLULU (AP) — The state of Hawaii plans to install machines to reduce the time travelers have to wait in immigration lines when they arrive at Honolulu International Airport.

The machines should reduce the...