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  • Peterson Air Force Base commands monitor attack in Canada

    Leaders of the bi-national North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs were warily monitoring an attack on Ottawa's Parliament Hill, but had not increased security across the continent. The Peterson Air Force Base command represents the largest permanent foreign deployment of Canadian troops who work alongside American forces...

  • 2 dead in shooting attack at Canada's Parliament

    OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — A Canadian soldier standing guard at a war memorial in the country's capital was shot to death Wednesday, and heavy gunfire then erupted inside Parliament. One gunman was killed, and police said they were hunting for as many as two others. The attack immediately raised the specter of terrorism, with Canada already on...

  • FBI: 3 Colorado girls may have tried to join Islamic jihadis

    DENVER — Authorities are investigating whether three teenage girls from suburban Denver who may have been trying to join Islamic State militants in Syria have friends or associates with similar intentions. A U.S. official said the evidence gathered so far made it clear that the girls — two sisters, ages 17 and 15, and their 16-year-old friend...

  • Fort Carson troops head to Germany for exercise to counter Russian aggression

    About 100 Fort Carson soldiers headed to Germany on Tuesday to take part in a training exercise that's part of a NATO effort to counter Russian aggression in the region. The soldiers, from the 4th Infantry Division's headquarters, will help lead NATO troops in a mock battle called Operation Combined Resolve III. It's on a smaller scale, but...

  • Air Force Academy to remain silent on athletic department issues

    The Air Force Academy says leaders have said all they can about a review of the school's athletic department that came after a player misconduct scandal. A spokesman, Lt. Col. Brus Vidal, says Air Force regulations mandate that the review, called an "inspection" in the service's language, be kept secret. Vidal said superintendent Lt. Gen...

  • Photos: Fort Carson soldiers return from Afghanistan

    Fort Carson welcomed home 149 soldiers from the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division on Monday at the Special Events Center. The soldiers had been deployed in Afghanistan since March.

  • Pentagon orders Peterson team to prep for domestic Ebola fight

    U.S. Northern Command leaders worked Monday to assemble a team of military Ebola experts who will be on standby if civilian authorities need assistance with an outbreak. The Peterson Air Force Base Command was ordered by the Pentagon to come up with a 30-member Ebola fighting team that can be quickly flown to the site of an outbreak if...

  • Colorado Guard unit headed to Guantanamo Bay

    A Colorado National Guard unit headquartered in Castle Rock will leave for a year in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after a Tuesday farewell ceremony. The 130 Guardsmen from the 193rd Military Police Battalion recently completed a three-month training regimen to ready them for the deployment. They'll be honored at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Douglas County...

  • Fort Carson training will bring the noise

    Fort Carson's 1st Brigade Combat Team will be making more noise this week as its soldiers train with new weapons. The brigade, which was re-equipped with eight-wheeled Stryker vehicles earlier this year, is training with new gear on the south side of the 137,000-acre post. A post spokeswoman said the soldiers this week will be using 155 mm...

  • Soldiers promote physical fitness, community at Pinon Valley elementary

    Soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment were "Running With the Wolves" this month to help Piñon Valley Elementary School acquire new equipment and technology and to promote physical fitness. The squadron commander, Lt. Col. Steven Barry, and 16 of his soldiers spent an afternoon at the grade school running nine physical fitness lanes...

  • Brotherhood of vets who served secretly in southeast Asia meet in Colorado Springs

    ince their first meeting in Dayton, Ohio, in 1998, the Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood has donated $475,000 in goods and services to the people in the Southeast Asian countries where they once secretly served. "We don't take any money from any government or country," Bill Peterson, director of communications for the organization said...

  • Holiday season starts early for families of deployed troops

    The Halloween candy hasn't been handed out yet, but for families of deployed troops, the winter holiday season starts now. Deadlines for sending packages to overseas military addresses hit Nov. 8 for the lowest rate parcel post, the Postal Service said. That means early holiday shopping for hundreds of Pikes Peak region families with loved...

  • Fort Carson starts burns to reduce wildfire fuels on post, Pinon Canyon

    Fort Carson is planning prescribed burns on about 7,000 acres this fall to reduce fire danger, the post announced. The burns are planned for 21 areas on Fort Carson and at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site in southeastern Colorado. They will be done on areas with grass and brush that could add fuel to a potential wildland fire. The burns...

  • Side Streets: Royalty to attend film about combat vet's recovery from PTSD and embracing Indian heritage

    American royalty will be on hand Friday as the documentary "Sitting Bull's Voice" plays at Palmer High School. From what I've learned about the film, there are several themes that should resonate with residents of the Pikes Peak region. The documentary traces the life of Ernie LaPointe, a soldier in Vietnam who spent decades struggling with...

  • Fearing ebola, Pentagon does partial shutdown after visitor falls ill

    WASHINGTON — Pentagon police shut down a building entrance and a portion of the south parking lot Friday because a woman was sick and told emergency personnel she had recently been to West Africa, officials said. Arlington County, Virginia, where the Pentagon is located, responded with a HazMat team and was treating the incident as a possible...

  • Fort Carson ends lockdown

    A lockdown of troops in a Fort Carson Armor battalion has been lifted, post officials confirmed Thursday. The lockdown of 100 soldiers in the 1st Battalion of the 66th Armor Regiment ended late Tuesday with no announcement. The soldiers who had been confined to the battalion's buildings on the post during the search for a missing Army pistol...

  • Obama authorizes National Guard, reserve call-up for Ebola

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday authorized the Pentagon to call up reserve and National Guard troops if they are needed to assist in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Obama signed an executive order that allows the government to call up more forces and for longer periods of time than currently...

  • Dutch biker gang members join the fight against Islamic State

    At least three members of Dutch biker gang have joined up with Kurdish fighters in Iraq, according to Agence France Presse. The trio belong to a group known as "No Surrender," a gang with chapters across the country. Their leader, Otto Klaas, confirmed that three had traveled recently to join the front-lines of the pesh...

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