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  • Red Cross ending service to give Colorado Springs-area vets ride to medical appointments

    Greg Barry was scheduled to receive an MRI in June and needed to get from Colorado Springs to his appointment at the VA Medical Center in Denver. A Colorado Springs VA Transportation Program shuttle, run through the Disabled American Veterans organization, takes veterans to and from Colorado Springs to the hospital, but leaves the Denver...

  • VA reform legislation clears House

    Both sides of the aisle took a step toward an improved Veterans Affairs Department on Wednesday when the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act cleared the House. The bill, a product of the Joint House-Senate VA Reform Conference Committee, sailed through with a vote of 420-5. "It sets us farther down the road for reform than we have...

  • VA wants to fire two accused of manipulating data

    DENVER - The Veterans Affairs Department said it wants to fire two supervisors accused of manipulating health care data in Colorado and Wyoming. The VA said Tuesday that four other employees face suspension, demotion or admonishment. The firings would be the strongest discipline handed out since May in a nationwide scandal over falsifying...

  • Whistleblowers credited in VA discipline decisions in Colorado, Wyoming

    DENVER — Federal officials say whistleblowers contributed to a Veterans Affairs Department decision to seek disciplinary action against six employees in Colorado and Wyoming accused of manipulating health care data. The VA said Tuesday it proposed unspecified action against supervisors and workers at the VA Medical Center in Cheyenne,...

  • VA employees face discipline for manipulating data

    FORT COLLINS — The Department of Veterans Affairs says six employees at a clinic in Fort Collins and the VA Medical Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, should be disciplined for manipulating data about veteran care. The VA has proposed unspecified action against Rocky Mountain Network Director Ralph Gigliotti and Cheyenne VA Medical Center Director...

  • Body of child stowaway found in US Air Force cargo plane

    WASHINGTON — The body of a teen stowaway was found and removed from a compartment above the rear landing gear of a U.S. Air Force C-130J cargo aircraft after it landed at a military base in Germany, the Pentagon announced Tuesday. The fact that an unauthorized person managed to stow away aboard a military plane without being detected was a...

  • Rough and Tough Scramble part of this month's Schriever Week

    Members of the military are accustomed to runs in the morning and navigating unique obstacles during the day. Several dozen airmen and a handful of troops from other branches had to conquer both challenges simultaneously during the Schriever Rough and Tough Scramble this month. The event was part of Schriever Week, which commemorated the...

  • Soldiers get $92 million in debt relief under settlement

    ALBANY, N.Y. — Thirteen states have settled an investigation into improper lending with a court agreement that is expected to provide $92 million in debt relief for 17,800 U.S. military personnel. Deceptive practices by Rome Finance Co., more recently doing business as Colfax Capital Corp. and Culver Capital LLC, based in California and...

  • AROUND TOWN: Picnic at Benet Hill honors military

    For the fifth year the Benedictine Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery invited the public to their wooded retreat in Black Forest for a 
Sunday afternoon of natural beauty combined with face painting, basketball shooting, pony rides, climbing on firetrucks and shopping for bargains from Sisters Thrift and Boutique.

  • Northern Command chief talks disaster response, missile defense at Aspen Security Forum

    ASPEN - Chaos in the Middle East means an increased threat of terrorist attacks on American soil, U.S. Northern Command chief Gen. Chuck Jacoby told a crowd Saturday. Jacoby covered a range of issues during his talk at the Aspen Security Forum, from military response to natural disasters to the effectiveness of America's missile defense...

  • Colorado Springs woman writes of life at the homefront in new memoir, 'No Man's War'

    For Angela Ricketts, the life-changing epiphany came in the middle of the night on Nov. 21, 2010. She woke up with pain in her back and shoulders. It's just a panic attack, she thought as sweat rolled down her neck. The pain got uglier, and she started thinking about going to the emergency room on post. But an ambulance wasn't an option...

  • Air Force Academy cadets launch balloons to study near space

    This time of year, mysterious objects can sometimes be seen rapidly ascending over the Air Force Academy before disappearing into the upper atmosphere. It's not a UFO or a secret government experiment; it's cadets launching hydrogen-filled weather balloons to study near space, the region of the Earth's atmosphere between 65,000 and 328,000...

  • Army's Iron Horse division back in the stable

    The Army's Iron Horse has officially returned home. Fort Carson's 4th Infantry Division signified its homecoming this month from a 12-month tour in Afghanistan with an uncasing ceremony, during which Maj. Gen. Paul LaCamera and Command Sgt. Maj. David Clark, the division command team, removed the cover from the unit's flag. "I could quote...

  • Oldest female veteran loved serving her country

    SAN ANTONIO - When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Lucy Coffey had left the farm in Martinsville, Ind., spent time in Chicago and finally settled in Dallas, where she worked at an A&P supermarket. After quitting the A&P in 1943, she joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, a call to service that would take her to Japan before she...

  • Sister, friends remember fallen Fort Carson soldier with candlelight vigil

    A little more than a year ago, Keith Williams had celebrated a fresh diploma, the end of high school and a future with the Army. His sister Samantha remembered a vivacious young man, a teenager growing up quick. The memory seemed a lifetime away Saturday. Williams, 19 and a private first class assigned to Fort Carson, and another soldier...


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