The man suspected of running over another motorist with his pickup amid an early March road rage dispute told police he never meant to hit anybody, according to an arrest warrant.

Rather, Nathaniel Mancha told a detective that the motorist blocked him and allegedly wanted to fight.

Mancha, 25, remained held on $100,000 bond Sunday in the El Paso County jail after being arrested on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder.

Colorado Springs police suspect Mancha ran over 30-year-old Mohammad Anthony Jafari and left him bleeding internally with a broken pelvis, two dislocated hips and fractured ribs, among other injuries.

Two other men - Carlton Mohn, 23, and Misael Donaldson, 24 - also were arrested on suspicion of helping Mancha elude officers, Colorado Springs police announced Friday.

On March 10, Mohn told a detective Mancha drove him to work in early March and cut off other motorists while making a left turn, according to a warrant obtained by KOAA.

Mohn also recalled the driver of a green van following Mancha's pickup and allegedly yelling at him for being cut off, the warrant said.

Mancha also called detectives March 10 and described a similar story - adding that he ended up behind the green van after dropping Mohn off for work, police said.

Mancha told police the van had blocked the roadway and the van's driver, Jafari, yelled at him, allegedly wanting to fight. Mancha acknowledged hitting the other vehicle. Jafari moved the van to the side of the road, the warrant said, and then he approached Mancha, apparently holding something, possibly a tire iron. Mancha said he possibly hit Jafari with his side mirror while pulling away, the warrant said, but Mancha denied doing so intentionally.

When detectives arrived on scene, they found Jafari seriously injured, with tire marks on his clothes and having been apparently dragged about 10 feet, the warrant said. A 23-inch socket handle was lying nearby.

The van's driver wasn't interviewed by police because of his condition.

Police said Mancha is also suspected of felony menacing on Aug. 6 on the 1900 block of Uintah Street. The victim in that case, police said, was not injured. No other details were released.

While talking to investigators about the most recent allegations, Mancha said he drove to San Antonio after police began distributing a picture of his truck to news outlets, which was captured by surveillance footage.

He acknowledged some damage to the front of his truck, but attributed it to a traffic cone he hit somewhere in New Mexico.