A man, who was shot was found dead Saturday afternoon in a Security-Widefield home.

According to El Paso County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Jeff Kramer, deputies were notified of the death shortly before 2 p.m. Kramer said there were four other people in the house when deputies arrived. Detectives were interviewing the people shortly after 4 p.m. and Kramer said the investigation is still ongoing. He didn't expect any new information to be released until at least Sunday.

Erin Bordelon, a 20-year-old who lives on Esther Drive not far from the house on Main where the body was found said she was in her yard barbecuing when she heard a commotion coming from Esther and Main Street. So she went to investigate.

"All I heard was yelling," the woman said, noting that she saw a man and two El Paso County Sheriff's cruisers. The man then began running north on Main Street and deputies followed, Bordelon said.

"Then I heard shots fired, two or three at least," she said. "I went inside for a couple minutes because I didn't know where the shots were coming from."

Bordelon said more deputies arrived quickly and closed Main Street.

When asked whether the shooting occurred during or after a deputy involved pursuit, Kramer answered with a resounding "No."

The Sheriff's spokesman confirmed that deputies were on Main Street before the body was found. He said there was a cruiser "monitoring traffic" when a man who came from the house approached the car to report the shooting. According to Kramer, the deputy called for backup before going to the house where the body was found.

The home at 1100 Main St. has become a landmark for many with its prominent UFO that sits perched on the front roof. The neighbor who lives behind the house on Dahlia Drive said at least one resident is "an artist of sorts." The neighbor did not give his name, but said those living at the house where the man was found dead are "good, quiet neighbors" who began making improvements to the run down residence shortly after moving in.

"Once we got used to the flying saucer and the other art, we never had any problems," he said.