One man was injured after an argument outside a Jamaican restaurant led to a shooting just south of downtown Tuesday evening, Colorado Springs Police said.

Around 8 p.m., officers responded to Las Vegas Plaza at the intersection of Nevada Avenue and Las Vegas Street, where initial reports were that a man had been shot. Upon arrival, they contacted a victim with a superficial wound to his neck, according to Sgt. Jim Jeffcoat.

While the injury was consistent with a bullet graze, Jeffcoat said it wasn't immediately clear if the wound could have resulted from some other abrasion sustained during the argument. The victim was transported to the hospital for further attention.

Jacob Arellano, 18, was driving by the center when he saw two men arguing in the lot. Arellano said one man pulled out a gun and fired at the other's head.

"We were just driving by and heard 'bam,'" said Arellano.

Police said the suspect fled in a vehicle.