Noon Friday, GOCA 121, 121 S. Tejon St., 255-2504,

The first and second rules of Lunch Beat? You must dance.

The fourth installment of Lunch Beat, the downtown, midday dance party, happens Friday. Since its creation in December, attendance averages about 125 people.

"What people like about it is it adds this element of spontaneity and creativity to their week in the middle of the day," says Daisy McConnell, director of the Gallery of Contemporary Art, the event sponsor. "It jolts them out of the routine."

So head to GOCA 121 and groove to the retro, '80s, funk and soul tunes by DJ Wesley Wayne.

And don't worry about having to stop somewhere else for food on your way back to work. Lunch Beat's $5-$8 admission gets you a sandwich and water.

McConnell got the idea to do Lunch Beat after hearing about it last fall on National Public Radio.

The phenomenon started in Sweden in 2010 and started growing a buzz after showing up in New York City.

"It started popping up on the coast," McConnell says, "but we beat a lot of Midwestern states. We were definitely the first in Colorado."


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