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Ludicrous decision by jury; sheriff using bad example

By: Letters
July 16, 2013 Updated: July 16, 2013 at 9:20 am
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Ludicrous decision by jury

Justice has not been done in the Trayvon Martin trial. How a jury could possibly find an armed adult innocent of all charges in the stalking death of an unarmed, smaller child who was simply out to buy snacks for himself and a cousin is incomprehensible!

Trayvon is Amerca's child. He could have well been any one of our's son. Zimmerman was clearly scared out of his wits on his "neighborhood watch" with an agenda that was racially biased and turned loose on an innocent young man in a hoodie. He stalked Trayvon, plain and simple. When Trayvon tried to defuse the situation by asking Zimmerman, "Why are you following me?" it was of no use. No parent should sleep at night until Trayvon has his day in court, his appeal of a ludicrous decision by the jury. And to add insult to injury? This out-of-control, bigoted vigilante can "have his gun back, if he wants it!" I am appalled!

And so should all of America be. Are your kids safe to run out for a quick snack? Think about it.

Kerry McKillip-Humphrey, Colorado Springs


We just think that we know

After watching the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco for the past year I am concerned with the lack of respect for our laws. First the news media picked up the story because of a possible white on black story (actually it turned out to be Hispanic on black) and blew it completely out of proportion.

If the same circumstances was white on white or black on black it would have been ignored the same as hundreds of others. The media tried and convicted Zimmerman with innuendo and opinion with no evidence. The public, convicted Zimmerman based on the news reports without knowledge of the truth.

They went to trial and based on the evidence presented found Zimmerman not guilty. Because the verdict didn't go as the black community wished, they protested all over the country. This is a country of laws and while not perfect, it is the best available. The protesters are more interested in feel good punishment than the order of law. In fact none of those protesters were at the trial and therefore do not know the actual truth. Lets remember that some are convicted wrongly in our courts and some are freed wrongly but only the ones in the courtroom know the facts, The rest of us just think we know. Anyone having served on a jury knows the difficulty in reaching a just verdict and reasonable doubt is the standard. "I think he's/she's guilty" just doesn't serve justice no matter how much you want it to.

Donald Kryder, Colorado Springs


Jump at the snap of their fingers

Re: The IRS on the bully pulpit: For years the IRS has used their position to be bullies and expect and get a certain amount of fear from the public. Everybody fears to get the notice that you are going to be audited. They expect you to jump at the snap of their finger. Somehow some way some IRS employees seem to have put themselves above the law. They are in a position to create great intimidation simply by using the fear factor, by using their position. Now it seems that they have stooped so low that they are trying to swing our country's elections by favoring liberal groups and singling out conservative groups through stalling or denying.

I have an idea that if Congress hired private CPAs and tax professionals to audit every IRS member for the past three years, I believe this would provide the government with more money than the cost of the audits. Interesting thought!

Ron Fox, Colorado Springs


Demand that a date be set

Re: El Paso County Clerk and Recorder demands date on election. I must agree a date needs to be set. Gov. John Hickenlooper has said he must wait until the court battle is resolved. A lawsuit filed by Catharina Kleinsmith is a matter for the courts and not that of the recall. If the lawsuit had been filed by state Sen. John Morse himself I might agree.

By delaying and disenfranchising voters in Senate District 11 the governor is showing his partisan politics, the clock is running on this showdown. The people's voice must be heard in this matter. I urge all voters in Senate District 11 to contact the governor's office and demand he set a date.

Rob Blancken, Colorado Springs


This is a poor example

For the third time I have heard El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa telling a story on the radio of how he feels it necessary that a deployed soldier should be able to loan his semi-automatic weapon and ammunition clips holding more than 15 rounds to his girlfriend without any background check. He continues to use this example to criticize the new background laws. However he fails to mention that under the new law family members, including married spouses, are completely excluded from any checks and can transfer weapons at any time. The new law only applies to non-family members. So, if this girlfriend that the sheriff keeps talking about feels the need for a gun, all she has to do is the same process that the soldier had to do and that is a 10 minute background check. But the sheriff says that is a burden and unconstitutional.

If she feels so threatened she can purchase as many weapons as she likes or even take possession of the boyfriend's weapons (including the larger then 15 round clips) by taking the simple background check. Nothing is stopping her from protecting herself. The law just realizes that couples breakup and friendships end. The law just realizes that weapons are a responsibility, not ordinary joint property like a bedroom set or TV.

No matter how many scare tactics are presented the law only says that the girlfriend the sheriff is concerned about should go through a background check like the rest of us. It sounds very sensible to me. Since the sheriff never has served in the armed forces he may not know that during deployments unmarried couples unfortunately breakup at a large percentage. Then this weapon that the sheriff is so concerned about is now under the control of a person who has not gone through any background checks. This whole story is the last example the sheriff can point to why he is against the new laws and for the recall of Morse. All the other dire concerns he had have been negated with the facts.

Rolf Jacobson, Colorado Springs

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