Ravel, Bonfa, Kreisler and Ellington are strange musical bedfellows.

Free-flowing music - from jazz to classical - is what to expect Tuesday when "The LotusLand Project," with violinist Mark Fewer and pianist John Novacek, opens this year's Colorado College Summer Music Festival's "Intermezzo Series."

"LotusLand was originally an idea I had that took some time to come to fruition," says Fewer, who is now a member of the St. Lawrence String Quartet. "The idea being that if you presented 20th and 21st century classical and jazz compositions together in the right way, they could make a cohesive program that never lost integrity. I finally had a chance to test drive the idea in Vancouver in 2004, when the CBC offered me a carte-blanche recital to do whatever I wanted. I had just met (pianist) John Novacek through performing at CC. Bass player Jodi Proznick and drummer/trumpeter Brad Turner were already legends in the Vancouver jazz scene."

Fewer's goal was to not "sell out the artistic side as often can happen with 'crossover' programs."

The good news is he believes he has succeeded. The bad news is that Fewer, who was a student at the CC festival in the early '90s, and has been a faculty mainstay here for the past 11 years, will not be coming this summer.

"It's because of family commitments," he says. "I'll be back in 2015 if (festival music director) Susan Grace will have me!"