Long-time editorial cartoonist Chuck Asay (pronounced "Ay-see") is retiring after more than four decades.

His last cartoon in the Gazette today, and an editorial tribute can be found on the editorial page.

Asay, who grew up on a farm in the San Luis Valley and got an art and teaching degree from Adams State College began cartooning for the Taos News (where he also worked in advertising) in 1969. He got a job working for the Gazette's one-time rival, the Colorado Springs Sun in 1978, then moved to the Gazette when it bought and shut down the Sun in 1986.

The region's only daily editorial cartoonist, he drew an estimated 7,000 cartoons, focused on local happenings and national issues. He retired from the Gazette in 2007 but continued drawing a weekly cartoon for Creators Syndicate.

The Gazette is marking his retirement with a cartoon summary of his career by reporter Dave Philipps.