Colorado Springs-based Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, or BSCS, has been accepted as a partner of a national initiative to train 100,000 exceptional teachers in science, technology, engineering and math education by 2021.

BSCS, a nonprofit organization that advances science teaching and learning, will develop 600 "change agents" for STEM education by 2018. Teams of teachers, administrators and industry leaders will assist in building a foundation in STEM teaching practices, curriculum, assessments and leadership.

BSCS's selection as one of 200 "100Kin10" partners came after a rigorous vetting process that looked at the organization's innovation capabilities and proven track record, in the quest to help expand, improve and retain the nation's best STEM teaching force.

In the first two years of the effort, 100Kin10 partners have recruited and prepared 12,412 teachers.