With the help of Gazette readers, we compiled a list of must-have items now that Trader Joe’s is coming to Colorado Springs.

The California-based chain has signed a lease to open a 12,500-quare-foot grocer near Nevada Avenue and Garden of the Gods Road. Three stores opened last month in Colorado, with the closest being the Denver area. An opening date for the Colorado Springs store hasn’t been determined, but it’s planned for 2015.

The Gazette asked readers what are their favorite items. Apparently most of our readers have a sweet tooth. Our food expert Teresa Farney puts the Mac & Cheese bites and Speculoos Cookie Butter at the top of her list in her latest visit.

Here’s a top-10 list.

- Chocolate Croissants

- Gingeroos Cookies

- Cocoa Truffles

- Brownie Bites

- Chicken Potstickers

- Green Tea Mints

- Cookie Thins

- Cookie Butter

- Peppermint Joe Joe’s

- Gourmet Muscat Champagne Vinegar

Share your favorite in our comment section.

Trader Joe's impending arrival has generated incredible interest, with hundreds of likes, shares and comments. Below is a sampling of some of the comments on The Gazette's Facebook page:

"We've shopped there twice since they opened in Denver. Not only have we saved a bunch of money compared to Whole Foods, we have found quite a comparable selection. Trader Joe's is awesome."
- Tater Zoid

"Am I the only person not happy to have another big box chain store. They do not promote local or care about the local neighborhood."
- Jennifer Orozco

"I can move back now. You legalized marijuana and you're getting Trader Joe's."
- Patricia Christyn Hoke

- Dave Cannon

"I like Trader Joes. It's so much fun to shop there - not for everyday stuff, but kind of special stuff."
-Sandra Francis Annis

"Can someone tell me what's the big deal??"
- Verna Gattone