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Love, loss part of Colorado Springs beekeepers' lot

Sun, Jun 26, 2016 - 8:27 AM 0

Beekeepers are accustomed to grief. They have to be. Hobbyist and commercial beekeepers battle a long list of challenges, including...

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Horses bring healing at Pikes Peak Special Rodeo in Colorado Springs

Sat, Jun 25, 2016 - 6:46 PM 0

Kayla Brown used sign language to ask her 7-year-old daughter, Skye, about why she likes horseback riding. Skye signed back to her mother,...

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Colorado Springs area events for seniors starting June 27, 2016
By: - 0 Mon, Jun 27, 2016


Unless noted, events take place at the Colorado Springs Senior Center, 1514 N. Hancock Ave., and registration is required:...

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By: Cassie Heeke - 0 Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Combine the contents of your craft drawer, child's bedroom and attic, then multiply by 50. Now you can start to picture what it's like to walk into...

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Around the house: Tips for maintaining a healthy lawn
By: - 0 Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Dear Ken: Several years ago, you highlighted steps toward a healthy lawn. Could you repeat those? - Mary

Answer: Sure. It's important to...

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The Country Life: Chickens, rabbits and more at Falcon Animal Swap
By: Bill Radford - 0 Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Need a couple of chickens to round out the flock? A rabbit for a 4-H project? Maybe a goat to milk?

The Falcon Animal Swap, held from 10 a.m....

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Colorado Springs pastor set for final sermon after 48 years
By: Stephanie Earls - 0 Yesterday

The numbers alone are staggering: 1,314 baptisms, 539 weddings, 596 memorial services and more than 7,000 sermons; almost 50,000 home and hospital...

Colorado Springs area nonprofit community events starting June 26, 2016
By: - 0 Sun, Jun 26, 2016



Celebration and Fashion Show - Noon-6 p.m. Sunday, to benefit victims of sex trafficking, domestic...

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Colorado Springs area religious events starting June 26, 2016
By: - 0 Yesterday




Yumiko Fitzgibbons - 2 p.m., Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 4125 Constitution...

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AROUND TOWN: Komen survivors
By: Linda Navarro - 0 Yesterday

More than 250 people in pink were on hand for the Komen Colorado South Survivors Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Antlers Hotel.

The attendees...

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AROUND TOWN: Cowgirls & Cocktails changes tradition, invites the cowboys
By: Linda Navarro - 0 Yesterday

For the first time, cowpokes were invited to join the gals at Cowgirls & Cocktails, the bright pink annual celebration to raise funds for local women...

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Israeli archaeologists rush to dig at Cave of Skulls before looters take everything
By: - 0 Yesterday

NAHAL TZE'ELEM, Israel - Amir Ganor is an Israeli cop, but not the kind who chases car thieves or bank robbers. Ganor is a Jewish Indiana Jones, an...

Colorado travel calendar starting June 26, 2016
By: - 0 Sun, Jun 26, 2016

Colorado Calendar

Be sure to call before you go. Many events are free; some charge admission or require tickets. Events are subject to change....

Colorado Springs area volunteer opportunities starting July 26, 2016
By: - 0 Sun, Jun 26, 2016


These agencies need volunteer help. Call about specific opportunities and time commitment.

- The American Numismatic...

Colorado Springs area literary events starting June 26, 2016
0 Sun, Jun 26, 2016


Author Signing and Discussion - James Rosebush, "True Reagan: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why it Matters," 7 p.m. Monday, Barnes...

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Racing donkeys bring life to Cripple Creek tradition
By: Tiffany Ditto - 0 Sat, Jun 25, 2016

CRIPPLE CREEK - Runners stood next to their donkeys, holding tight to the bridle, as the 85th annual Donkey Derby Days race began Saturday. Some...

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Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival takes over Cañon City this weekend
By: Stephanie Earls - 0 Fri, Jun 24, 2016

The Arkansas River begins its almost 1,500-mile journey to the Mississippi with a wild ride, dropping some 4,600 feet - in 120 miles - from...

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Dock diving a joy for dogs and owners alike
By: Seth Boster - 0 Thu, Jun 23, 2016

VAIL - It was hard to tell who was more eager: Yvet Montiel, preparing the video on her iPhone as she stood beside the 40-foot pool, or Trouble, the...

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Trail talk: Let's keep Colorado Springs beautiful
By: - 0 Thu, Jun 23, 2016

Batman had Robin, and Superman had Jimmy Olsen. Many superheroes, in fact, had sidekicks who helped bring success. Local superhero and Colorado...

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Area search and rescue teams yearn to explore, save
By: Seth Boster - 0 Thu, Jun 23, 2016

Four-wheel-drive vehicles fill the small parking lot and line the curbs of a side street. The drivers arrive in business attire and outdoor wear....

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Colorado Springs area pet adoption fairs and events starting June 23, 2016
By: - 0 Thu, Jun 23, 2016


9-Lives Rescue Inc. - For cats and kittens, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, PetSmart, 2965 New Center Point; 591-4640;...

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Colorado Springs area outdoor events starting June 23, 2016
By: - 0 Thu, Jun 23, 2016




Mavic Hatue Route Rockies - Amateur race through Colorado, starting in Boulder, ending in...

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New boutique offers vintage finds in Colorado Springs
By: May Ortega - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016

A 245-square-foot space downtown is now filled with decades-old items from around the world - all of which are for sale.

Thrift Junkie, a...

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Race, festival aimed at supporting Children's Hospital Colorado
By: Cassie Heeke - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016

Jackson Ziwak's family likes to say he's "of his right mind." The 11-year-old had a surgery in 2011 that disconnected the halves of his brain,...

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Historic Colorado Springs church taps former resident as new pastor
By: Stephanie Earls - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016

The Rev. Tim McConnell grew up in Colorado Springs and graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School in 1991. He recalls visits to his mom's workplace...

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Wine Guy: Fresh fruit shines through in Chablis style
By: - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016

In my last column, I reviewed wines I described as reflecting a Cote d'Or style - emulating that area of Burgundy where wines are crafted using...

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Baking experts give tips for making award-winning pies
By: Teresa Farney - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016

Do you love making pie? Do your family and friends beg you to open a pie shop because your pies are so amazing? Do you read pie cookbooks before bed,...

Colorado Springs area cooking classes and events starting June 22, 2016
By: - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016




Black Bear Bourbon Bar - 10375 Ute Pass Ave., Green Mountain Falls; 684-9648, 964-2990,...

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Chill out with ice cream pie
By: Teresa Farney - 0 Wed, Jun 22, 2016

Today we're all about pies. Not in the mood to make pastry or heat up the oven? How about opting for an ice cream confection?

It's as simple as...

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9 best yoga studios in the Colorado Springs area
By: Ernestas Tyminas - 0 Tue, Jun 21, 2016

Last year the world adopted June 21st as International Day of Yoga. So in its honor we put together a list of the 9...

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Live Well: What to do when yoga funds run short
By: Jen Mulson - 0 Tue, Jun 21, 2016

There are definite perks to attending a yoga class, including hands-on adjustments from the teacher and the energy of a group of yogis sharing the...

Colorado Springs area wellness events starting June 21, 2016
By: - 0 Tue, Jun 21, 2016

Health Notes appears on a space-available basis, free for nonprofits. Listings appear at the discretion of The Gazette. Send information at least two...

Fri, Jun 10, 2016 - 9:31 AM 0

Under the direction of Artistic Director Michelle Boutros, the Sangre de Cristo School of Dance is pleased to offer a 2016 Summer Intensive...

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