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  • Pet calendar for Sept. 1, 2014

    PET NOTES ADOPTION FAIRS 9-Lives Rescue Inc. - For cats, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, PetSmart, 2965 New Center Point; 591-4640; Dreampower - For dogs, cats and small caged pets, 11 a.m.-
3 p.m. Saturday and noon-
3:30 p.m. Sunday, PetSmart, 
571 N. Academy Blvd.; 390-7838; . LookWhatTheCatBroughtIn - Cats...

  • Caly the cat among dozens of pets to find new homes at Colorado Springs shelter event

    Nine-year-old Caden Murphy did his part to empty the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region shelter Saturday, walking out with an 18-month-old cat he named Calypso, or Caly for short. "I just liked her coloring and she's really playful," Caden said. Caly meowed softly from a cardboard box in the arms of Caden's mother. "As soon as my son...

  • More rabid bats discovered in Pueblo

    Residents are advised that more rabid bats have been discovered. The Pueblo City-County Health Department confirmed six bats tested positive for rabies and as a result of contact with these bats, 22 people have started rabies vaccine.   Read more here.

  • Study: Do dogs get jealous?

    LOS ANGELES - When Shetland sheepdog Maggie comes home from the groomer, her owners praise and pet her shiny coat, much to the chagrin of pit bull Stormy, who will head-butt her until their family cuts out the compliments. "Stormy's jealous," said owner Amy Putnam, who lives 45 miles east of Los Angeles. "You know how you're supposed to...

  • DEAR MS. KITTY: Help cats' later years be golden

    Dear Ms. Kitty, I have an incredible tuxedo cat named Ranger. He will be 14 years old this fall and is very healthy for his age. Even so, I'm wondering if there is anything I need to watch out for now that he's a "senior" kitty. Dear reader, Thanks for being a responsible, concerned cat guardian. According to the American Animal Hospital...

  • Pet-friendly dating sites match up people, pooches

    On these dating sites, a passion for pets will help you find more than just puppy love. Sites like and YouMustLoveDogsDating.
com have found a new niche as singles flock to computers and smartphones to find relationships, connecting dog owners to potential mates who enjoy long walks in the dog park and slobbery canine kisses as...

  • Plague found in wild rabbit in eastern El Paso County

    A rash of prairie dogs deaths near Yoder led El Paso County Public Health officials to a wild rabbit that had plague. According to a Public Health report, the rabbit was found dead and tested Thursday for plague. The report said officials also found prairie dog burrows "with no prairie dogs" on private property near the eastern El Paso County...

  • Humane Society pleased despite possibility it will miss lofty adoption goal

    The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region may not meet its ambitious goal of saving nearly 4,000 cats and dogs to win the ASPCA's $100K Rachael Ray Challenge this summer, but a spokeswoman said the shelter still came out on top. In May, the nonprofit was chosen along with 50 shelters across the country to compete for a $100,000 grant from...

  • Humane Society halts cat adoptions in Colorado Springs amid virus outbreak

    The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region halted cat adoptions Wednesday amid concerns that a highly contagious virus may spread among the shelter's felines. The nonprofit also stopped taking in cats after several were dropped off with feline panleukopenia virus, a potentially fatal disease that is particularly harmful to kittens, said...

  • The Country Life: Combating the No. 1 killer of horses

    It was a Sunday night and we were getting ready to go to bed when we heard the first whinny from Nikki, our horse. When she whinnied a second time, my wife and I grabbed flashlights and went out back to investigate, worried that perhaps an animal was in the pasture and upsetting Nikki. We saw nothing, told her good night and went back inside....

  • Found cat gets plane flight, reunion with family

    SEATTLE (AP) — A Seattle cat that ran off as his family prepared to move has been reunited with his people — thanks to a neighbor, a shelter and an airline employee who volunteered to transport him by air. Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Bobbie Egan says Itty Bitty Kitty fled as his owners prepared to move to Ohio. Owner Beth Lewis postponed her...

  • Deer adopts neighborhood, or vice versa

    ROSEMOUNT, Minn. (AP) — A furry four-legged animal usually found in the wild is crashing backyard parties and rummage sales in one Rosemount neighborhood. A docile deer has settled into the neighborhood and is completely OK with human interaction. Neighbors say the deer acts more like a dog, following them around and allowing them to pet it....

  • USDA: Puppy imports must be healthy, 6 months old

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Foreign dog breeders have gone unregulated for years, shipping puppies so young and so sick that one in four died before reaching a U.S. airport, animal welfare workers say. The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a regulation Friday that, starting in 90 days, will require all puppies imported to the United States to be...

  • Puppies benefit from time spent with their siblings

    State law mandates that puppies not be sold until they are 8 weeks old. Some argue that it is better to leave puppies in their litters until they are 12 weeks old. This wide range can leave a dog owner wondering: What's the right age to bring home a puppy? To answer that question, I contacted Dr. Nancy Kay, a veterinarian and author of...

  • Blog: Taking on the top killer of horses

    I talked with Dr. Clint Unruh, with Colorado Equine Veterinary Services in Peyton, on Thursday. The topic was colic, a term horse owners all know - and dread. It's the No. 1 medical cause of death in horses. It's not a specific diagnosis but a general term referring to abdominal pain. The causes are many and cases range from mild to, again,...

  • VIDEO: Fort Carson soldier provides care for four-legged heroes

    My Friday Military Salute focuses on four legged U.S. military heroes that are getting the medical care they deserve in Afghanistan.  A Fort Carson soldier is among the animal care specialists at two major veterinary clinics in Afghanistan.  Specialist Christopher Kilby said to a military reporter at the facility on...

  • DEAR MS. KITTY: Prepare your cat for that tiny human addition to the family

    Dear Ms. Kitty, I am due to bring home my new human baby in about two months. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to acclimate my two feline babies (one boy and one girl) to their new brother. I want to make the transition as easy as possible for them. Thanks so much for your advice! Dear Mom, Thank you for your question and...

  • Colorado on the Web: Allow Paul to inspire lifetime of adventure

    I want to be best friends with Paul. Paul is everything I want to be. Well, almost. Paul is fearless, loves outdoor adventures and even hiked one of Colorado's fourteeners. Oh, and Paul is a house cat in Colorado. Paul, 2, clearly didn't read the lazy cat handbook. All of the cats I've owned preferred to lie in the sunlight or on...

  • The Country Life: Exploring the special bond between women and horses

    Yes, there's a long history of men on horseback - from warriors to cowboys to jockeys. But there seems to be something special about the relationship between women and horses. I have seen it up close. My daughter and wife share a passion for horses; in fact, my wife's desire to have horses in the backyard is the reason we moved to the...

  • Pets, kids hardwired to take shelter when thunder signals that storms are coming

    In an early scene in the 1982 movie "Poltergeist," the father character (played by Craig T. Nelson) comforts his son, Robbie, during a storm by having the boy count aloud the seconds between lightning and thunder. If the interval between each flash-and-boom set gets longer, dad explains and then demonstrates, it means the storm is on its way...


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