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  • What’s the value of $100 in Colorado compared to other states?

    So you have $100 and you live in Colorado. Well, you may have the money in your account or in your wallet, you really don’t. Weird, I know. Why? Well, read on. A $100 bucks isn’t a $100 in Colorado, apparently, according to a recent post by Tax Foundation.The rate is based on the average prices for similar goods per state. The relative...

  • 13 kids hospitalized after visiting Colorado hotel pool

    DENVER — Thirteen children were briefly hospitalized Monday after complaining of burning eyes and itchy throats after swimming in a hotel pool. The boys and girls were aged 6 to 17. All swallowed water from a pool Sunday at a Homewood Suites near Denver International Airport. KUSA-TV reports ( that the kids were...

  • Love of bikes bonds father, son despite distance

    If you were a kid in a certain neighborhood in Minneapolis about 15 years ago, and you had an old, ratty, snaggle-spoke bike so broke no repair guy wanted to touch it, Dean Carr was the bike man for you. Carr loved bikes, especially the ones that needed it the most. "Dean loved working on the old, tattered bikes that most of us in the shop...

  • Back-to-school safety top priority for Colorado Springs police

    Thousands of elementary school-aged children in Colorado Springs return to school Monday and police will try to keep them all safe as they cross streets, walk through intersections and ride school buses. Since last week, motorcycle officers have made school-zone safety their top priority, actively watching for speeders and distracted drivers,...

  • CASA has helped thousands of El Paso County children over its first 25 years

    An infant, left bound and nearly dead in a shower spewing cold water, needed a legion of doctors and specialists to help her recover from that day's harrowing abuse. But it was a volunteer, a retired nurse in Manitou Springs, who sought to help ensure the girl's next home would be nothing like her last. Advocates like Jan Altman, the...

  • Century-old electric car parks at History Colorado

    DENVER (AP) — History Colorado is now displaying a rare piece of early automotive history at its downtown Denver museum. The 1914 Fritchle electric car had a range of 60-100 miles on one battery charge. It's believed to be the last existing car built by Fritchle Automobile and Battery Company of Denver. The vehicle was damaged when a flood...

  • High bacteria levels briefly close Hasty swim beach

    A Hasty swim beach closed for high levels of bacteria on reopened Friday afternoon, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Officials reported that the water quality at John Martin Reservoir, where the swim beach is located, had returned to normal levels since the beach closed on Wednesday. The Colorado Department of Public Health requires...

  • Eat Well: Kids at Venetucci Farm camp get chance to show off cooking skills

    Do you have a child who refuses to eat fruits and veggies? One way to get them to eat these foods is to take them to a farm so they can learn how to grow and even cook their own food. That was the point of a recent "Farm to Fork: Cooking with Kids" camp at Venetucci Farm. There were two sold-out camps this summer, with more planned for next...

  • Kidz Bop Kids turns Top 40 kid-friendly

    7 p.m. Friday, Pikes Peak Center,
190 S. Cascade Ave., $25.50-$45.50; 520-7469, Kidz Bop's mission is simple: Take popular Top 40 songs, rewrite the lyrics in a kid-friendly way and have kids perform them. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry. "Story of My Life" by One Direction. Songs like these...


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