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  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo gives baby orangutan a new name

    ust like any new mom, Hadiah blatantly showed off her new, hairy baby Thursday, striking poses for cameras and leaning right up against the glass at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Her 1-month-old Bornean orangutan was born just before Halloween and finally has a name that fits perfectly. Ember, once called Bucket, has stolen the hearts of zoo...

  • Tree talk: Keep your Christmas tree fresh through the holidays

    Christmas comes but once a year, and spending family time picking out the right tree and thoughtfully trimming it with treasured knickknacks, serves up lifelong memories.

  • Colorado Springs pastry chefs construct a life-size gingerbread house at Broadmoor

    So what happens when you cut 14 chefs loose with 400 pounds of powdered sugar, 300 pounds of flour, 
200 pounds of candy, 120 pounds 
of butter, 100 pounds of honey, 
95 pounds of egg whites, 73 pounds of eggs and 10 pounds of spices during the holiday season? They roll up their white jacket sleeves and build a life-size gingerbread house....

  • What? No 'Janes?' Emma, Olivia, Liam and Noah top list of popular Colorado baby names

    Note: Scroll to the bottom of this article for an interactive graphic that shows the top Colorado baby names, year by year, since 1910. Poet Gertrude Stein's famous line "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose" wouldn't quite make it today. It would be more like "Emma is an Emma is an Emma." It doesn't quite have that poetic ring, but it is...

  • Watch: Santa and his elves (Wings of Blue) skydive

    Santa stopped by the 98th Flying Training Squad at the Air Force Academy recently with his four elves for a skydive to visiti children. The video, Wings of Blue Santa Jump, was posted Tuesday on YouTube. The 4:24 video shows Santa and his elves jump from a plane to the music from Charlie Brown Christmas. Watch it here.

  • Watch: 50 giant teddy bears given to Memorial Hospital patients

    Fifty giant teddy bears were given to Memorial Hospital patients recently as part of the third annual giant holiday teddy bears donation. Nevada Auto sales donated the bears.  Bears will be given to patients in the emergency and mother baby units of Memorial Hospital.

  • Nearly 6 of 10 children participate in extracurricular activities, Census Bureau reports

        Fifty-seven percent of children between 6 and 17 years old participate in at least one after-school extracurricular activity, according to a new report released Tuesday from the U.S. Census Bureau. The report found that children were more likely to participate in sports (35 percent) than clubs or lessons such as music, dance and...

  • Replay: Mild December night brings out thousands for Colorado Springs parade

    A year after temperatures hovering near zero degrees cut attendance and some participants, the 30th annual Festival of Lights parade through downtown Colorado Springs drew animated crowds that filled the sidewalks and enjoyed the relatively warm 30-degree night. For attendees, the weather for the parade was exactly what they had hoped for....

  • Report: Coronado SRO punched girl to defuse escalating student fight

    A Colorado Springs police officer punched a Coronado High School student to break up a fight because he feared the situation would escalate if he did not act quickly, according to an incident report about the situation. School Resource Officer Adam Romine, who is assigned to Coronado, hit Kaosha Neal, 15, on Nov. 20 when his initial efforts...

  • Baby weighing nearly 14 pounds born in southern Colorado

    ALAMOSA — A woman in southern Colorado was surprised when she gave birth to a baby girl that tipped the scales at almost 14 pounds. Mia Yasmin Garcia was born by cesarean section in Alamosa on Monday, weighing 13 pounds, 13 ounces. The Alamosa Valley Courier reports the newborn was flown to a Denver-area hospital because she had low glucose...

  • Early investment in children's education pays off later, group says

    Pony up the money to educate disadvantaged kids from birth until they start kindergarten, or spend more taxpayer dollars later on special education, incarceration or welfare. That was the message newly elected and re-elected state lawmakers representing the Pikes Peak region heard Thursday. At a legislative breakfast in Colorado Springs,...

  • 10 delicious ways to doctor a mug of basic hot chocolate

    Let us pause in our busy lives and pay homage to a great man, a man of science, a man of ideas: Sir Hans Sloane. Sloane, who lived from 1660 to 1753, was a man of many accomplishments: He developed an early method of classifying plants; he collected objects that initially made up the bulk of the British Museum. But most important, he...

  • State to launch new Colorado-wide child abuse hotline

    A Colorado-wide hotline for reporting child abuse or neglect is on track to open Jan. 1, state officials said Tuesday. The hotline - the first of its kind to launch across Colorado - aims to offer Coloradans a single, easy-to-remember number to call amid the state's current patchwork of phone lines, which can vary from county to county, said...

  • Admission for a day of family fun on southern Colorado railway: a donated toy

    All aboard for the North Pole. There's a wintry new stop this year on southern Colorado's Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railway, and the price of admission is a toy for the needy. On Sunday, families who bring donations for the Toys for Tots campaign - one donation per adult passenger - will be treated to a complimentary train ride and a...

  • Report cites toys for potential hazards

    A sheriff's badge toy set and a Piglet figurine made a list of items that a consumer advocacy group said could be dangerous to children. Twenty-four toys made the list compiled by the Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups, which Colorado organizers announced on Cyber Monday - the first Monday after Thanksgiving when companies...

  • 'Far Cry 4' one of the year's best video games

    The game "Far Cry 4" is the fourth installment of the "Far Cry" series, which began in 2004. In this latest iteration of the action-
adventure first-person shooter, players visit the fictional country of Kyrat, based on the Chinese region of Tibet. Gamers take on the role of Ajay Ghale, an American visiting his homeland to mourn the death of...


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