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  • 58-year-old Colorado zoo hippo Bertie dies

      DENVER — A 58-year-old hippopotamus, the longest living resident of the Denver Zoo, has died after his advanced years deteriorated his health. The Denver Post reports ( ) that Bertie, or Bert, was the oldest hippo in accredited North American zoos. He was euthanized Monday. A 2-year-old Bertie moved from New...

  • 'Human Being' photo exhibit is a marriage of art, science, history

    Art can travel, in truth, to places that history and science venture only in theory.Cold facts alone were enough to draw photographer Andrea Modica to the haunting subject matter that became her photo series "Human Being," on exhibit at the Art Gallery at the Fulginiti Pavilion for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado Anschutz...

  • The Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con returns this weekend

    Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con When:  10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday - May 9-10  Where: Embassy Suites, 7290 Commerce Center Dr.  Entry Fee: Admission is free but a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation is appreciated Contact info: 913-961-4347,   Grab your lightsaber, the...

  • Want to stand out in cap and gown? Decorate the mortarboard

    It's hard to stand out at graduation when dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your classmates are dressed in identical caps and gowns. But some students individualize their appearance by decorating their mortarboards. Designs range from a simple lettered message such as "Thanks, Mom and Dad!" to an elaborate craft project with images,...

  • 5 things to know if you're attending a college graduation

    Is someone in your family graduating from college this year? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind that might preserve your sanity on commencement day. Where's my kid? You never took your eye off them at the playground when they were little, but you might not be able to find your kid amid a sea of identically dressed students in black...

  • Students opt out of testing in droves in some Colorado Springs schools

    The testing frenzy came to a head this week for Colorado public schools, as students in some districts opted out in droves. The window for the second half of new English language arts and math assessments for third through 11th graders opened on Monday. High school juniors across the state took the ACT college entrance exam on Tuesday. And...

  • Study: US moms typically space pregnancies 2½ years apart

    For U.S. moms, the typical time between pregnancies is about 2½ years, but nearly a third of women space their children too close, a government study shows. Experts say mothers should wait at least 18 months to give their body time to recover and increase the chances the next child is full-term and healthy. The study released this month by...

  • Free Comic Book Day kicks off Children's Book Week

    Thirty years ago, indulging a love of comic books required something of a hero's journey: a descent to otherworldly realms, encounters with strange beings and a return to the "real world" full of wondrous tales. Comics were on the geek fringe, "a secret handshake, secret society kind of thing," said Mike Coco, manager of Escape Velocity...

  • Parents of slain children share grief, stories at annual Colorado Springs rally

    Carol Bueno strolled up and down Vermijo Street in brisk, frigid winds Friday, carrying a poster-sized photograph of son Joshua Bueno, who was shot to death at age 22. She was one of about a dozen parents participating in the annual victims' rights rally by Mothers of Murdered Youth, held this year in front of the El Paso County Sheriff's...

  • Americans most motivated to clean house for company

    The world might hold fewer neatniks than observation alone would have us believe. A recent survey commissioned by the CLR cleaning product company revealed what professional house cleaners long have known: A majority of Americans (64 percent) are most motivated to clean when company's coming to visit. "Some people don't care. For them it's...

  • Money Museum in Colorado Springs celebrates World's Fairs for National Coin Week

    Before technology could bring the planet to the people, if you wanted to know - and see and experience - what was happening in the world, you went to the fair. The World's Fair, that is. Since the first "World Expo" in London in 1851, the often months-long expositions have served as global stages for the advancements of the age, in science,...

  • Hundreds turn out for Earth Day events at Garden of the Gods

    A couple of thousand people celebrated Earth Day at Garden of the Gods on Saturday planting seeds, touring the park and getting up close and personal with birds of prey and zoo animals. Jayden Pagano, 8, said the day for him was about "celebrating the Earth." He and his 5-year-old sister had just finished planting marigold seeds in a small...

  • 'Monkey Kingdom' reveals a revolution in cuteness

    Narrated by Tina Fey; directed by Mark Linfield and Alastair Fothergill; 85 minutes; G "Monkey Kingdom," Disneynature's latest Earth Day offering, is an intriguing peek inside the social structure of macaque monkey society in Sri Lanka. So while it's got plenty of cute macaque monkeys, playing and cavorting, there's also a little social...

  • Interactive: Want to entertain the kids over Spring Break? Here are some solutions around Colorado Springs

    A tour of Spring Break activities in Colorado Springs

  • Video: Blue Angels' first female pilot takes flight

    When military aviation buffs pack into the Marine Corps Beaufort Air Show in South Carolina, they'll be wowed by the Navy's Blue Angels. But a new kind of history will also take flight in the team: a woman in the cockpit. U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Katie Higgins is the first female pilot in the team's 69-year history.  Click here to read...

  • Grandparenting from afar: Tracing Paper – a simple idea that provides hours of fun

    Tear out a picture of an animal from a coloring book, then trace the whole picture.

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