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2014 Pikes Peak All Reads selections are announced

News: Education Updated: Thu, Apr 17, 2014

The 13th annual All Pikes Peak Reads program asks readers to engage the extraordinary, a theme reflected in the choice of books that the Pikes Peak Library District announced Thursday.

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Life Updated: Tue, Mar 25, 2014

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  • Boy Scouts ban church that let gay man lead troop

    SEATTLE — The Boy Scouts of America has revoked the charter of a Seattle church because it allowed a gay adult to continue leading a troop. A Boy Scouts of America attorney told Rainier Beach United Methodist Church last week that it could no longer hosts troops under the Boy Scouts name. The church has stood by Geoff McGrath. His...

  • Best and Brightest: The Gazette's Class of 2014

    Twenty high school seniors from the Pikes Peak region have been named The Gazette's Best and Brightest Class of 2014. Judged by a panel of 11 community members, the seniors were recognized for their academic achievements and contributions to their communities and schools. They also were judged on their answers to three questions. Best and...

  • Learn money saving tips at Gazette extreme couponing workshops

    What is "extreme couponing?" Hint: You won't find practitioners in the express checkout lane. The concept likely translates, though, even if you've never watched the popular cable network show of the same name, which follows savvy grocery shoppers as they maximize coupons and return home with enough supplies to stock a fallout shelter, for...

  • Side Streets: Community steps up to transform park entrance eyesore

    Last week, I told you about a woman who was unable to get permission to landscape her neighborhood entrance. Today I'll tell you a much happier story about a neighborhood that persuaded private businesses and city agencies to collaborate and give a landscaping face-lift to a city park entrance! For years, the entrance to Discovery Park off...

  • More Latino than white students admitted to UC

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — More Latino than white students in California have been offered admission to the state's premier public universities for the first time, officials said Friday, a milestone that reflects the diverse racial makeup of a state where Latino children represent a majority of students in public schools. Preliminary admissions...

  • NASA's space station Robonaut finally getting legs

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The first out-of-this-world humanoid robot is finally getting its space legs. For three years, Robonaut has had to manage from the waist up at the International Space Station. This new pair of legs means the experimental robot won't be stuck on a pedestal and can go mobile. The robot's legs are packed aboard a...

  • Bunny, chick owners: Stick to Peeps, chocolate bunnies this Easter

    Fluffy ears and doe eyes are just the beginning of a rabbit’s decade-long life. Families who own rabbits talk about the joys of watching Thumper or Roger spring into the air in hopping bursts affectionately called popcorning. Human owners brag about the small creatures loyally following them around the house or yard when they let them out...

  • Millennials often stuck on entry-level carousel

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Briana Tony hasn't graduated from college yet, and she's already frustrated with the job market. She's been through four jobs and said she moved on from each because of a lack of respect and poor upward mobility. "Our generation isn't taken seriously at all," Tony said. Experts say the young workers of the...

  • Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice

    AMSTERDAM (AP) — Charlotte van den Berg was a 20-year-old college student working part-time in Amsterdam's city archives when she and other interns came across a shocking find: letters from Jewish Holocaust survivors complaining that the city was forcing them to pay back taxes and late payment fines on property seized after they were deported...


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