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Students connect with veterans for firsthand look at history

News: Education Published: Sun, Apr 13, 2014

Coronado High School students studying history put down their books this month to hang out with...

Colleges seek to improve remedial programs

News: Education Updated: Mon, Apr 14, 2014

BALTIMORE (AP) — The odds have long been stacked against students like those in Edward Ennels'...

A baby shower from the heart: Expectant military moms pampered

News: Local News Updated: Mon, Apr 7, 2014

With two young boys at home, a set of twins due at the end of May and an active-duty husband on his fourth tour to Afghanistan, 24-year-old Ashley Kopec has her hands full.

Number of Colorado kids living in poverty continues to rise, report says

News: Education Updated: Tue, Mar 25, 2014

More Colorado kids were living in poverty in 2012 than during the worst part of the economic downturn, reflecting that some families continue to struggle, said Sarah Hughes, research director for the Colorado Children's Campaign. While the state has made improvements in education and health...

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Life Updated: Tue, Mar 25, 2014

Here are links to help keep you and your family busy, including things to do and places to hold birthday celebrations. It is not a comprehensive list, but there are lots of options.

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  • Total lunar eclipse to be visible in Colorado Monday night

    Total eclipses of the moon are unusual, but not rare. Someone on the Earth gets to see one almost every year, but from any given location, you can expect to see a total lunar eclipse about once every 2 1/2 years on average. The last one seen from Colorado was Dec. 21, 2010, so we’ve been in a bit of an eclipse lull. That’s about to change,...

  • Drive-thru review: Pizza Hut gets wings right with new deep fryers

    Pizza Hut has installed deep fryers in 5,000 of its restaurants, so I opted for an eight-piece order of Crispy Bone-In Buffalo Burnin' Hot wings. Here's the blueprint: breaded chicken wings, deep-fried and tossed in your favorite sauce, wrapped in foil and delivered warm to your door. Pizza Hut wings are available bone-in (normal wings, as...

  • Face the flat facts: Many styles of low-heeled shoes are popular this year

    It wasn't that long ago that ballet flats ruled. Now flats in almost every style imaginable are demanding their share of attention. Take your pick from ankle boots, menswear-style loafers, pointed-toe skimmers, oxfords, sling-backs, jellies, ankle-wrap sandals, sleek sneakers, espadrilles and a new generation of slip-ons. Details include...

  • Dear Donna: Woman makes going out to eat a bit of an ordeal

    Dear Donna, I've started dating a lovely lady whose company I enjoy except for one aspect. She is very picky about how her food is prepared at restaurants. I appreciate that she is a wonderful cook, but it seems as though each time we dine out her instructions on how to prepare the food become more detailed and the first 15 minutes is spent...

  • 25% of Colorado foster kids on psychotropic

    DENVER — A University of Colorado analysis found that more than 25 percent of Colorado's foster children in 2012 were prescribed psychotropic drugs and that about half of the children who were taking antipsychotics drugs were for "off-label" reasons not approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration. The Denver Post...

  • Districts brace for debut of online state testing

    The three-week window for Colorado's inaugural debut of online-only standardized testing opens Monday, and while a few bugs are expected, some are already biting hard. "It's a beast," said Lori Benton, director of assessment and gifted education for Lewis-Palmer School District 38 in Monument. "We're getting emails daily from the Colorado...

  • Ohio judge orders man to hold 'I AM A BULLY!' sign

    SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (AP) — A judge has ordered a man convicted of harassing a neighbor and her disabled children to stand on a street corner with a sign that says he is a bully. Municipal Court Judge Gayle Williams-Byers ordered 62-year-old Edmond Aviv to hold the sign for five hours Sunday. The sign reads: "I AM A BULLY! I pick on children...

  • Early literacy bill defines dyslexia for 1st time

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — For the first time, dyslexia has been officially defined in Iowa law in an attempt to improve literacy among young students across the state. Following passage by the Legislature, Gov. Terry Branstad signed a bill this week that effectively establishes a definition for the reading disability in Iowa code and offers...

  • AROUND TOWN: Historic Day Nursery's 117th anniversary

    Passers-by often wonder about the huge Tudor building at the corner of Rio Grande and Tejon streets. An old church turned school? A mining baron's mansion?


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