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Prevent slips, trips and falls inside, outside this winter

Feb 17, 2015

With a few more months of wintery weather in the forecast, Coloradans...

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  • The Country Life: Dream of a barn is two sheds closer to reality

    We have a barn! Well, sort of. Almost. A "pre-barn," really. I wrote a column in December containing my Christmas wish list; topping that list was a barn. We have 3½ acres of pasture, but as I noted, there was no home for horses when we moved in. So we had a run-in shelter constructed. That, at least, provides protection from the wind,...

  • Peacemaker program turns guns into garden tools

    Kevin Wilder got on the stage of Beth-El Mennonite Church on Sunday and held up a rifle. He slipped the weapon out of its casing and showed it to an audience of more than 60 people. "My father used this gun to kill himself," he told them. Wilder's father shot himself in 1975, when Wilder was 8 years old. The gun was passed to Wilder....

  • Side Streets: Tiny house enthusiasts will be living large in Colorado Springs

    Tiny houses are coming to Colorado Springs, and they are going to be big. Tiny houses represent a nationwide movement of people seeking to simplify their lives, eliminate debt and become more mobile. They're abandoning traditional homes and neighborhoods and opting for miniature-scale houses on trailers or ones built out of cargo containers...

  • The Country Life: How to handle a snowstorm and the challenges due to isolation

    Though winter appears to be taking a break this week, it'll be back. And recent snowstorms - including one that kept me holed up in a downtown hotel overnight instead of venturing home - have had me thinking about emergency preparedness. While I was stuck in town, my wife, Margaret, was home, so there was someone there to keep an eye on the...

  • Earthship village will soon land in Colorado Springs

    Earthships aren't designed to take families out of this world to explore other galaxies. But they are taking off on this planet and will soon land in Colorado Springs. The Colorado Solar Village is seeking the greenest of the green to form a community of some of the most sustainable homes in existence, Earthships included. The goal, according...

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